First Look: The Mandalorian

Yesterday I was quite convinced that Star Wars was completely dead and that it wasn’t remotely possible to save it. I am still convinced that’s the case…for the most part. I admit that it looks good but trailers have created expectations that were quickly subverted when I actually watched the show. I refuse to become […]

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Competitive Wokeness

Salesmanship 101: Nearly all human motivation can be traced back to a desire increase one’s status. One question the Right keeps asking is, how does the Left manage to get even more crazy this year than they were last year? I mean how? It shouldn’t be fucking possible! How can anyone believe there are more […]

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Blogs and Ends

Well, it’s August which means it’s Halloween Season. (*Cataline shakes head…wanders aimlessly in a circle as if hit by a brick*). So… Okay, Tower of Terror stars Steve Guttenberg so I’ll accept that. Haunted Mansion. Eddie Murphy. Same notation. Mister Toad’s Wild Ride. (?) Well maybe it terrifies Millennials, that’s possible. Also it might include […]

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An EV Truck?

Hrrm? Well here are the stats according to Rivian, the company that is building or rather claiming they will build this truck. Range: 400+ miles Zero to Sixty: 3 seconds HP: 750 Towing Capacity: 11,000 lbs Wading Depth: 3ft Price: $69,000 before rebate These are very impressive stats for a company that no one on […]

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Veggie Tales Returns

When Netflix axed the unloved and unfortuneate bastard child of Veggie Tales, Veggie Tales in the House, the view around Fortress Cataline was, well maybe this is for the best. It wasn’t a patch on the old DVD series and the market had shifted so that their old business model of one DVD every three […]

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Cataline Recommends: Last Knights…with Enthusiasm

This is from Slant Magazine. I’m only posting the link so you can laugh at the writer’s breathtaking ignorance, unearned arrogance, and hilarious stupidity. “Last Knights is another macho celebration of honor and self-sacrifice, of fighting for “freedom” because someone else told you to, that’s devoid of any acknowledgement(sp) of the inherent irony of that ideology. […]

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Can Terminator be Saved?

The video below addresses the fundamental problem with the Terminator franchise. The Terminator franchise has four major tropes. One, time travel. Two, killer android hunting Namehere Connor Three, trying to prevent a robot apocalypse. Four, and nothing else. And those tropes are it’s major problem. Everyone is expecting them and no one is surprised by […]

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Red Flag Ivanka

Ivanka Trump is not one us. Given her life that’s hardly a surprise. She doesn’t really have an instinct for what is a Red Flag for the Red Staters. And she is gently… Oh so very gently guiding her father towards disaster. The GOP is about to blow it’s foot off courtesy of the Establishment […]

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