Star Wars: Final Post of 2019

I can’t say how well you had it this year but I am happy to kick 2019 out the door and maybe down the long flight of stairs Joker was dancing on. This post will be a quickie. My second favorite SJW, Jenny Nicholson covers The Rise of Skywalker. I was expecting her to be […]

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The Fall of Skywalker

The second weekend numbers are in for the last film in the Rey saga. And they are bad. Average per screen take last Friday was at $20,000. as of this writing it’s at $4,600. Weekend total is at $70 million domestic. Bringing the worldwide gross to $700 million total. This is against a film with […]

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Random Thoughts

I recently saw an article that asserted that all cities eventually become insolvent. The reasons for this is that there is a cycle that begins with a period of rapid growth due to highly successful trade, industry or other. Infrastructure is built up to meet the demands of a rapidly growing population. Then the population […]

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Blogs and Ends: Late Edition

Oops, meant to put this in earlier. Honestly, the Holiday Special wasn’t as out there an idea as you think. In the late seventies variety shows were still a big thing. And pretty much all of them had already done something with Star Wars. Everybody from SNL to Richard Prior had done something with the […]

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Merry Christmas to All!

Hug your loved ones.  Remember the good times.  If you think you might know someone who is alone today go out of your way to find them and say, “hi,” you’ll be giving yourself quite a gift. If you are on deployment and away from family, keep in mind you’ve got your brothers all around […]

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Attention New Commenters

For obvious reasons, I have to keep moderation on, for new commenters. You will be published when I check in on my blog. I don’t have an army of moderators here, it’s just me and I’m very, very busy. It rarely takes more than twelve hours. After that you should be able to comment automatically […]

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Knowing How it Ends…

Well, we all know how the Skywalker Saga is going to end now, don’t we? I’m busy as hell today and as we all know the bomb drops tonight. I’ll be seeing The Rise of Skywalker ASAP and possibly getting my fully impartial and scathing review posted either Friday or Saturday. I’m not sure how […]

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