Behold The Face Diversity

Thank god she was wearing a mask! Grand Rapids, got hit last night but interestingly Flint did not. Why? No rich White kids in Flint. Also, the shop owners will shoot. Think the girl is a one off? Another picture of the “diverse protesters” in downtown GR. Note U of M sweater. Seriously, a modern […]

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Gretchen Watch!

It will shock no one that she is double-down mode. Although it makes a certain degree of sense in this case. You see, so far as she’s concerned three months ago Sturmbannfuhrer Karen was in the running for First Woman President of the United States. She is the governor of a vital swing state and […]

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HBOmax: First Impressions

I was a little surprised to find a reviewer invitation for HBOmax in my unused WordPress mailbox. You’d think they’d be more careful about who they send those things to. Anyway, here is my not unreasonably biased against Warner Brothers survey of their answer to DisneyPlus. We will start with the biggest and simplest question; […]

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Disney Caught Off Guard

The plan was for Disney World to reopen on August 31, hopefully without any need for masks in the 100-degree hot ass Florida sun. With a three week run-up to retrain the cast and perform maintenance and repairs. ALSO, the federal unemployment will run out in July and President Trump is unlikely to approve any […]

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The Babylon Bee Gives Up

I’ve been saying satire is no longer possible for years. “…today that we will simply be republishing everything Joe Biden says word for word rather than spending a lot of time and effort writing satire. We at The Babylon Bee realized we were spending all this time trying to satirize Joe Biden when, frankly, he […]

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No, You Don’t Believe In Science

Disclaimer:  This post is NOT a call to stop wearing the mask. Let me make that perfectly clear.  For legal reasons if nothing else you will have to keep wearing the damn things (depending on your location).  I’m just pointing out it’s dumb. This weekend Lady Cataline found an article that briefly interested her.  It was on a study […]

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Memorial Day

Apparently Memorial Day is for remembering COVID deaths and blaming Trump for them. I tried to find a video fo the president’s speech but I couldn’t find a version that wasn’t polluted with with political commentary rubbish. So, I went with Reagan’s instead. No, this holiday is absolutely NOT for remembering those that died of […]

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