Blogs and Ends: The Newest

The newest Mandalorian trailer. I still refuse to be optimistic. In honor of the newest Mandalorian trailer The part I liked best was the hand off of a real pistol to the robot. It was nice slight of hand. The sequel. You know the Cylons came from somewhere. UPDATE: I have now posted the right […]

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Proper Dead

We now know what Trump got from Turkey as part of the deal. I can’t go into details because I’m still under a TS clearance but from my personal experience, when we can’t track down that big of a target, then some other government is always hiding him. Half the time it’s an open secret […]

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Cataline Recommends: Batwoman

It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in months! Batwoman is so bad it’s hilarious. From the groaningly awful, ‘you go girl,’ dialog. To the terrible CGI. We get to see incompetent screenplays being brought to near life by utterly wooden performances, under the watchful eye of an apparently comatose director. We all knew that this […]

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Star Wars: The Abrams Unleashed

You can’t satirize the works of JJ Abrams anymore. No matter what you come up with to make fun of him, he’s going to show you by going light years over the top and into ethereal realms unknown to any film maker that went before him. It feels like his brainstorming sessions, involve gargantuan mountains […]

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