The International Lord of Hate Banned On Facebook…You’ll Love the Reason Why

I present this as is from MonsterHunterNation: “So I just got a 24 hour ban from Facebook for Violating Community Standards, because I insulted the imaginary people of an imaginary country.  Which is kinda hilarious. Long version. About a year ago an author friend of mine was putting up snippets of his alternative history story, […]

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Dragon Awards: 2019

UPDATE: Voting for the Dragon Awards ends this week. So if your’re going to vote do it now. It’s only been three years and already the Dragon Awards have easily outstripped the disgraced and damn near forgotten Hugos as the award representing the best and brightest in science fiction and fantasy. Final Ballot for 2019 […]

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Netflix Deathwatch

Okay, that’s a little premature but honestly not by much. Not too long ago, Netflix was sitting at $400 a share as of this scribbling it has dropped to $308. This is not an aberration, if you’re into stocks this is not a bargain stock. There is very little reason to think it’s coming back. […]

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Well This Ain’t Creepy

“Hundreds of police departments around the country have partnerships with Amazon’s home surveillance brand Ring. The relationship benefits both sides: the company provides tech and software to law enforcement, and the cops both provide data to Amazon and also help sell the product to local homeowners. That alone raises troubling issues, but according to a […]

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Return of the One Room Schoolhouse

This post is more timely than ever. Since last year the the one room schoolhouses have exploded. The parents who care about their children have had enough. REPOST 8/15/2021 This is an Eighth Grade final examination from 1895. Note the use of the word “examination” instead of “exam”.  This was not a multiple-choice test.  If […]

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