First Look: The Mandalorian

Yesterday I was quite convinced that Star Wars was completely dead and that it wasn’t remotely possible to save it.

I am still convinced that’s the case…for the most part.

I admit that it looks good but trailers have created expectations that were quickly subverted when I actually watched the show.

I refuse to become optimistic on general principle because I really don’t want to be sucked back into a turbulent and abusive relationship with Star Wars

11 thoughts on “First Look: The Mandalorian

  1. meh.

    we know literally nothing of any of the characters or action aside from the fact that Boba was klutzy enough to let himself get butt checked into a Sarlacc by a blind guy.

    we’ve got all kinds of call backs to the original trilogy, but will it mean anything? CAN it mean anything? i’m sure Jew Jew has already figured out how to solve the mess that Rian left for ep 9

    through generous applications of a pastiche of ripped off OT tropes and Mystery Boxes.

    so, at best, this will probably be another ‘Solo’, having no effect or meaning on the greater story apart from asinine crap like a surname being a bureaucrats joke at an orphan’s expense.

    remember, k-k-k-k-k-k-k-razy Kathleen is nominally still in charge.


  2. It looks better than Rogue One’s trailers did, and I enjoyed that one. Partly due to your review of it that you linked from VP, which is when I started reading your blog. But, as you say, trailers can hide the suck. The third Star Trek trailer made me want to see it. I rather wish I hadn’t, because if I had bailed then i wouldn’t have seen Into Darkness. Anyway I want to see more about this one.


  3. I personally will wait until the dust is settled, a full season is out, available in torrentvision, and only if I get enough recommendations from trusted sources.

    I don’t trust Disney, this is going to be a crapfest infested with the usual tropes.


  4. Let’s assume it is good. It won’t stay that way for long. The SJW’s will sail in and turn it into another woke wreck on the entertainment shore. Better if it starts out bad and simply stays that way.

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      1. What I have heard is that Disney is going to require a three year commitment from subscribers for their streaming service. Also, it sounds like they are going to be dropping episodes a week at a time. No binging is going to be happening.

        The trailer looks good. The problem is a lot of the Disney Wars trailers have looked good. The cast listing on IMDB is sparse. Only three women mentioned. One thing is that except for two characters, everyone else is listed for only one episode. So, who knows. I’ll stand by my statement that if it is successful, the cries by the NPCs will be deafening to change it.

        I don’t know what to if The Mandalorian will have “lessons” but Carnival Row from Amazon obviously does. The ads for it literally tell you this is about immigration.


  5. “What I have heard is that Disney is going to require a three year commitment from subscribers for their streaming service.”

    That’s not quite right.

    What’s going is that Disney is offering three years of Disney Plus for $140 upfront, which works out to $3.89 per month. This is for preorder only, after that it’s $7.00 per month.

    And it’s not going to stay at $7.00 per month. That’s clearly unsupportable for them, so it’s obviously a loss leader. The $140 upfront is to offset the loss-leader.

    This is available only to D23 Members.


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