Competitive Wokeness

Salesmanship 101: Nearly all human motivation can be traced back to a desire increase one’s status.

One question the Right keeps asking is, how does the Left manage to get even more crazy this year than they were last year? I mean how? It shouldn’t be fucking possible!

How can anyone believe there are more than two sexes? Just look down your pants, you know? You won’t find any surprises down there.

How can they believe that women are just as strong as men, when “trans-women” routinely prove this by blowing the biological women so far out of the water in women’s sports, that you can’t see the ocean from space?

How can any parent other than the worst monster imaginable start their child on puberty blockers because their son said, “I want to be a girl,” when he was three?!? For that matter, how can doctors administer these treatments without having their licenses struck?

Why would any man care that Alyssa Milano is refusing to have sex with him?

Why would any mother go into a panic if her son informed her that, no, I really am cisgender and heteronormative?

And how on Earth can anyone say that, The Last Jedi was a good movie?

Yet every year the Woke find more ways to move even further from sanity than we thought possible.

As I described in SJWs Always Lie, SJWs mindlessly following the social justice Narrative are rather like a school of fish, moving together in perfect harmony with every twist and turn it takes, no matter how convoluted or contradictory it might be. Each SJW is highly sensitive to the current position of the SJWs around him, which allows for rapid changes in direction according to the needs of the Narrative. George Orwell memorably labeled their thought processes in 1984; the SJW ability to engage in doublethink permits them to readily accept that War is Peace, that day is night, that blacks cannot be racist, that kidnapping and torturing a white man is not a hate crime, that Russian intelligence denied Hillary Clinton the U.S. presidency, and every other momentary belief the Narrative requires them to simultaneously believe, no matter how absurd, or false, or self-contradictory it might be.”

Vox Day, SJWs Always Double Down: Anticipating the Thought Police (The Laws of Social Justice Book 2) . Castalia House. Kindle Edition.

All true, but how did they get that way?

One: Identity trumps reason every time. Bowing to reason is not a human instinct. It’s a learned response, as well as a fashion. Also, it has gone out of fashion. Universities used to teach critical reasoning but have now redefined it to mean, memorizing rhetoric and responding like a non-player character, by answering certain lines of dialog with a preprogramed response. Critical Reasoning =NPC Programming. Also, logic is a tool of the Patriarchy and Math is hard.

Two: Most motivation is driven by a desire to increase one’s status within that person’s group. Most people hear this and try to reject it out of hand. “I, for one certainly don’t think that way. I don’t need to drive a Mercedes or eat at the right restaurants.” Ralph Nader doesn’t need those things either, he always dressed in cheap Sears suits and flew Business class. Those things weren’t what increased his status. It was having the right opinions.

Although truth be said, having the right opinions can be pretty materially rewarding these days. Remember, eighteen of the twenty richest counties in the USA went heavily for Barrack Obama both times. And they reward their own. Obama was making a quarter of million a year before he became president and this week he bought a palace on Martha’s Vineyard.

There is no social backlash for being Woke. You are automatically given higher status by the news and entertainment industries. Silicon Valley won’t nuke your channel or your account, in fact you may discover that the various algorithms really, really like you for some inexplicable reason.

Being Woke can pay big time.

The problem is you have to keep up with the Jones.* In the Fifties that meant drinking a better brand of gin and driving a Buick instead of an Oldsmobile but today it’s having the craziest opinion out there.

Being Woke is incredibly competitive.

If your friends on Twitter can be believe in seven impossible things before breakfast, then you have to prove that you can believe nine and that all of them are self contradictory or you’re going to lose your place on the Woke totem pole. If you thought you rated special status just by being a Black man. Wrong answer, you have to be at least two different minority races, have a unique trans-gender, be an atheist Muslim and believe ten impossible and self contradictory things. All of that might get you by for a week but you’ll constantly be scanning social media in the secret terror that someone has topped you on the Woke pole.

Probably the most confusing aspect of Wokeness to a Rightwinger is Get Woke Go Broke. Gillette just took an eight billion dollar write down. The company tried to blame it on Millennial beards but the truth is their anti-men advertising campaign was a catastrophe and everyone knows it. Feminism has wrecked every franchise reboot it can get it’s hooks into. Dick’s Sporting Goods took one in the head when they went anti-gun and Disney just green lit a TV series of the Muslim version of Ms. Marvel. The worst selling comic book in the Marvel lineup. The question is why are they doing it? The answer is Competitive Wokeness. In the jungles of New Guinea one of the ways one tribe will “count coup” on another is to humiliate them by destroying their own wealth. Honestly, this is pretty much the same thing. Woke CEOs are gaining points with Left by destroying their company’s value as intersectionally as possible. This is why it’s safe for them to double down, they’ve got their money, this increases their status within the tribe.

And forgive me for stating the fucking obvious but Social media is the gasoline that has been dumped on this raging fire. Johannes Gutenberg, created the greatest improvement in the history of human communication but the printing press also set off the centuries long slaughter of the Reformation wars. Social media is to the printing press what the H-bomb is to a firecracker.

SJWism easily meets the definition of a cult. An apocalyptic cult that has repeatedly stated the that the world will end on a certain date and continues undismayed when it repeatedly hasn’t. You see if you stop believing in the impossible for even a moment you are no longer competitive. You’ve lost the game. And that school of Woke fish surrounding you?

Yeah, they’re piranhas.

*I tried out several joke names and couldn’t come up with anything better than that. Sorry.

3 thoughts on “Competitive Wokeness

  1. Put much of the blame on conservatives, they always tailgate the Left trying to either explain what it all means or trying to have that all important “discussion.” Hence the crazy gets legitimized one little step at a time, and never forget the “Conservative Outrage” gambit, that pays.

    I’ve said since the Obama reign of error that America is a 3000 mile wide Jim Jones cult, and the SJW bullshit will probably have an end that rhymes with that. The endless shtick of hopelessness unless you follow our crap has a use by date, then one day a doofus conservative exasperated at the failure of “reason, logic, education” will just state the obvious, “Who wants to leave and go home and be sane?” That be the drink mixing day.


  2. The countries that have resisted the Woke all have institutions capable of calling out the crazy. See the Catholic Church in Poland, or Fidesz in Hungary. It’s very hard for people to challenge what is the overwhelming cultural orthodoxy no matter how lunatic. In the West that orthodoxy is woke.


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