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Interesting weekend. I spent it learning to plow a field by hand. And by hand I mean I was using animal power instead of a tractor. The animals in question were a team of oxen and a team of horses. In case you are wondering which one does a better job. The answer is neither. […]

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Yeah, it’s Gonna Suck: Picard

The trailer for Picard has dropped and it looks like it’s going to more hot garbage from Alex Kurtzman. The trailer features Picard and some girl who is the Key to Everything. The only cast members from the old days that I recognize are Janeway, Seven of Nine and what looks like a fully CGI […]

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Blade Runner: Retrospective

Blade Runner is a film I hold in considerable affection and yet it is not great movie.  For that matter it’s not even a good movie. But it is a very influential one. Everyone knows that it has problems.  It’s just that it’s hard for anyone to agree on what they are. The trouble is […]

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Like Tears In The Rain

Without Rutger Hauer, Blade Runner would have been one of the most forgotten about movies in the history of science fiction. This entire film rested on that one scene. And Hauer made up a lot it himself on the spot. He was the real star of Blade Runner. Rest in peace Roy Batty.

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It’s Boris!

Okay, not the most English of names. Lady Cataline made a few remarks about, “Moose and Squirrel.” But aside from that Great Britain’s new Prime Minister is good news. Brexit is going through. At this point the only thing that needs to be done to assure that is… Nothing. It was May that was delaying […]

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Well, why not? Black Panther grossed $1.35 billion worldwide. Captain Marvel’s take was $1.12 billion. Compare those numbers with more traditional superhero films like Ironman III: $1.12 billion and Captain America: Civil War: $1.15 billion respectively. There is effectively zero difference in boxoffice take. Yes, they were fiddling things rather aggressively with Captain Marvel but […]

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