A song of grod: chapter TWENTY

Yes, this chapter is pretty rough too. They are all rough. Also, Word seems to hate this version of WordPress, hence the barrage of formating errors. GROD The Princess seemed extremely dejected about something.   Royals were good at planning ahead but often as not the current moment could stump them rather badly.  Just one of the […]

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A song of grod: chapter nineteen

Still rough, obviously and there were some major changes. Branadoc is going to be left behind in the Royal Chambers in the new version. His story arc would take about 25 to 30 thousand words to do properly and I need to keep this book under 100,000 words. HONOR ///Descriptive paragraph             Honor stalked through the […]

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A song of Grod: Chapter eighteen

GROD             The North Wing of the Hebrasil royal palace was the oldest part of the sprawling building.  It had started life centuries ago as Bryan the Great’s royal hunting lodge and for decades had been the home to the least fashionable set of quarters available. Protocol dictated that only gentlefolk could be assigned to its rooms.  The […]

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So You’ve Just Killed A Man

UPDATE: I have changed my mind about something since I posted this due to new information I’ve acquired. So, I have updated it and am reposting this at the top of the blog.   This isn’t the Sand Box.   This isn’t the Rock Pile.   This is your living room and there is now a badly wounded man […]

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Voyage of the Damned

On May 28, 1905, the Japanese Imperial Navy under the command of Admiral Togo, dealt a crushing blow to the prestige of Russian Empire when they destroyed the Russian Second Pacific Squadron. Effectively ending the Russo-Japanese war and giving Japan a place at the table of the Great Powers. The Japanese were quite proud of […]

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Vox Was Right Again

Evan Hafners reaction to Kyle Rittenhouse was the canary in the coal mine. At least I don’t have to pretend I like their shitty coffee anymore. Also, these assholes are milking a dead cow. People stopped saying “thank you for your service,” about 18 month ago. The tears are dry, the well of sympathy is […]

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