RE:View Young Sherlock Holmes

When my wife looked over my piece on Enola Holmes there was something at the end that caught her attention: “But if they (the writers) had let her first love die… If they had allowed Enola to fail. I would have had to have given it a higher rating.  It would have made this a much […]

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Debate Hot Takes

Both candidates got what they wanted out of it. Biden, while barely held together with god knows what kind of chemo-cocktail, did in fact hold it together. No major gaffes and no wandering off stage. Center-Lefties that are committed to voting for him feel slightly more secure about doing so. However, Trump dominated the entire […]

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In my neck of the woods there is a candidate for district judge seat that is promising “firm but compassionate judgement.” She has to my knowledge an income of approxmiately $150,000 per year and she appears to have had about a $1,500,000 spent on her campaign for this seat. No other campaign for this seat […]


Yeah, It’s Gonna Suck: Enola Holmes

I kind of feel sorry for Millie Bobby Brown, even though I’m certain that this is not going to last.  Today’s sweet and spunky, sixteen-year-old Emma Watson will be tomorrow’s thirty-year-old, Critical Race Cultist Emma Watson. She appears to be headed strongly in that direction already. And given the world, Brown inhabits there’s really nothing […]

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Hollywood Triples Down

The Wokeness will consume all! The financial tsunami of Covid-19 combined with the rise of the Critical Race Cult is creating an air of unreality in Tinseltown. More than usual I mean. The chief priority should be survival at any cost. The problems are well known, theatrical exhibition was the chief source of income to […]

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