D23 Star Wars Teaser…Yeah, It’s Gonna Suck

File it under meh with meh sauce on top.

Since Darth Daisy is on the poster as well as at the end of the teaser, I am going on the hunch that she is not some darkside premonition. The feminists that infest Lucasfilm are way over invested in Rey, so there is no way she turned evil.

Either Rey has doppelganger from a multiverse storyline or she has a twin/sister/clone or something that’s been raised by the Emperor’s force ghost.

Abrams appears to have figured out that no one can take Darth Emo seriously as a villain so he had to create a new one.

Sad as it is, it actually makes sense. Rey is the most powerful being in the universe, the only thing that could be a threat to her is another Rey.

The only interesting thing is the ghost fleet of old Empire Stardestroyers that appear to have been mothballed.

I now understand why the Olga’s Cantina is most the popular attraction in Galaxy’s Edge. After seeing this I could use a drink.


Easily, the silliest thing in the trailer is Darth Daisy’s tuning-fork/flick-knife light saber. If they wanted to go with something that was the same but different from Maul’s staff-saber then they should have gone with something that telescopes when the second “blade” comes out.

The switch blade operation is pointless and silly action at the expense of story telling. Remember Sulu’s foldable katana?

Flashy visuals that are so stupid they momentarily take you out of the story as you yell, “WHAT?” are the hallmarks of all J.J. Abrams work.

Yeah, it’s gonna suck.

3 thoughts on “D23 Star Wars Teaser…Yeah, It’s Gonna Suck

  1. I cannot even make myself watch episodes 7 and 8 again, just so much “Meh”, fanfic youtube videos have better value.


  2. I feel nothing seeing this. The prospect of a big fleet battle would have had me squealing with joy 5 years ago, but I am so over this stupid sequel trilogy and especially Ma-Rey Sue.

    Also, if you’ve read the spoiler leaks, the plot is basically Dark Force Rising. It’s rather disingenuous of the Mouse to kill the beloved old EU due to it limiting their creative freedom and then plunder from it.


  3. This is going to suck. There has been no foreshadowing, no narrative ark in this Dis Wars story. If anything this is an example of how not to tell a story. I think disney made these movies and thought, “The name is Star Wars! Everyone will come!! Fortune and Glory are ours!”

    However, they neglected the most important ingredient which is a story. In hindsight, they could have told very different but enthralling stories and put more time to build the world and its characters towards a climax. Instead, they decided to Fan Fiction the hell out of the property and that is why Star Wars is all but dead.



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