I wonder what the anthropologists are hiding now?

The reason I ask that is that there is now a ridiculous theory, that is being ramrodded through academic journals.

I would be willing to bet that Somebody has found something very inconvenient to Their world view.  To say nothing of the horror of disproving past papers They have written.

The anthropologists want this new theory in place and generally accepted as the academic standard before whatever was found comes out.  It’s easier to get an outlandish theory with no proof at all behind it accepted than it is to present something with concrete evidence because you have to make sure all the “I”s are dotted and the “T”s are crossed.  A lie can be halfway around the world before the truth gets its pants on.

The ridiculous theory in question is that modern Native Americans are the neotenizied decedents of Naia and Kennewick Man.  Which is why there is no morphological resemblance between these 12,000-year-old remains and modern Native Americans.

Quick primer for those who don’t know.  Neotony is the stalling out of development in an immature state.  This is frequently found in pretty much all domesticated animals.  Dogs, for instance, are neotenizied wolves.  Adult dogs retain the hallmarks of wolf pups.  Shorter snout, shorter floppy ears, shorter legs and so on.

Wolf cub
Adult Elkhound

The theory that the Anthro set is trying to force down everyone’s throats is that the New World was incredibly dangerous and that the thrill seekers like Naia and Kennewick Man died young, creating selective pressure that resulted in the neotenizied version of Native Americans that we know today.

This theory is a knee slapper on just about every level  First and foremost this is not how neoteniziation works.  Second, modern adult Native Americans clearly and obviously don’t resemble Caucasian children.  And third, if you think Native Americans are risk averse you haven’t fucking met one.

Like I said, somebody has found something. My money is that something most likely indicates that  Caucasians (which Naia and Kennewick Man resemble) were here first and were wiped out by the Native Americans who are here today.

It undermines a lot of grievance mongering if Whites were subjected to genocide.

So far as Anthropology is concerned.  Politics comes before science.

This is nothing new.

During the 1980s when I was in college the study of genetics was dominated by Sociology departments and I’m not kidding.

Well, it was all opinion anyway, so whoever had the strongest opinion got the funding. Marxists had very strong opinions about genetics and were experts at extracting funding to support them.

I will graciously grant that they weren’t entirely in the dark about some of these ideas.  They did have some supporting data courtesy of Gregor Mendel. What they were imposing on reality made sense from a clinical standpoint.

The meat of the matter is that they were claiming that women are compelled by some very strong instincts to find genetic material outside of their own local communities.

They cited a number of pagan religious rites concerning the seeking out of foreign seed to fertilize virgin fields.  Although the rites sited were almost entirely guesswork based on a few vases and reliefs and no contemporary surviving documentation at all.

A few sociologists claimed that Prima Nocta  (A.) was really a community’s belief system that was being imposed upon the foreign overlord.  Rather than an act of rape on his part (astonishing for Lefties I know). Also that  it was actually a vestigial pagan rite, that the lord was putting up with to ensure a peaceful rule of his community.

And (B. prime) that Prima Nocta existed in the first place.  Which it didn’t.

You had to look to find it in popular culture, but you didn’t have to look hard. It wasn’t in movies all that much but it was certainly in books.  Jean Auel’s young adult Clan of the Cave Porn books comes irresistibly to mind.

That genes got around a lot in the ancient world was an “important and popular fact”.  Mostly because it allowed Lefty sociologists to bury themselves in their favorite fantasies both political and sexual.  The New Soviet Man was far from discredited then (and remains in inarticulate vogue today).  Plus, for whatever reason Lefty men have a very strong attraction to the cuckold fetish. 

As I said, this theory made sense from a standpoint that knows all about Gregor Mendel and the vital need to avoid inbreeding especially, in small communities.

The problem is that ancient peoples knew nothing about Gregor Mendel.

An even bigger problem is that Genetic Science has now been seized from the grasping claws of Sociologists by actual Geneticists. The horrors that lie beneath the thin facade of leftwing theory are beyond imaging…if you are Lefty.  

It turns out that:

There was no single ‘Celtic’ genetic group. In fact the Celtic parts of the UK (Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Cornwall) are among the most different from each other genetically. For example, the Cornish are much more similar genetically to other English groups than they are to the Welsh or the Scots. 

*Which is obvious to anyone with a pair of eyes and functioning logical faculties. The Welsh, in particular, are extremely distinct.  They are probably the oldest residents of the isles that walk on two legs.  There is documentation of that going back to Roman times. To include physical descriptions of people that clearly match the current inhabitants of Cardiff.

All of this data was (in an amazing act of Lysenkoism), dismissed as inaccurate, regressive and unfashionable. The view of Progs from twenty years ago appears to have been, ‘what did the Roman’s know? They never went to Cambridge.’ 

There are separate genetic groups in Cornwall and Devon, with a division almost exactly along the modern county boundary.

That one is the most interesting.

 The dividing line between these counties is a river.  And that river was never crossed.  The people of Devon and Cornwall are Other to each other. And have been that way since the Anglo-Saxon migration.

The population in Orkney emerged as the most genetically distinct, with 25% of DNA coming from Norwegian ancestors. This shows clearly that the Norse Viking invasion (9th century) did not simply replace the indigenous Orkney population. They bred into them to be sure but did not wipe them out.

This is the closest you get to the dreams of 1980s sociologists.  They will hold on this fact with desperate longing and dismiss all others. Although the facts on the ground are that the Orkneys are about the only landmass in the British Isles that could be permanently colonized across a sea using freaking long boats, (max capacity, 40 Vikings).

The Welsh appear more similar to the earliest settlers of Britain after the last ice age than do other people in the UK.

See the above.*

There is no obvious genetic signature of the Danish Vikings, who controlled large parts of England (‘The Danelaw’) from the 9th century.

So all the rapine came to nothing apparently.  A lack of crossbred children has two possible connotations.  One that the Norse men didn’t bother with rape as much as Hollywood thinks they did or two that the English viewed half Danish children as racially unacceptable and culled them.  Regardless, the Danes left their language but nothing else.  They packed up and went home when it was time to call the 10th century a day. 

There is genetic evidence of the effect of the Landsker line – the boundary between English-speaking people in south-west Pembrokeshire (sometimes known as ‘Little England beyond Wales’) and the Welsh speakers in the rest of Wales, which persisted for almost a millennium.

The analyses suggest there was a substantial migration across the channel after the original post-ice-age settlers, but before Roman times. DNA from these migrants spread across England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, but had little impact in Wales.

Many of the genetic clusters show similar locations to the tribal groupings and kingdoms around end of the 6th century, after the settlement of the Anglo-Saxons, suggesting these tribes and kingdoms may have maintained a regional identity for many centuries.

The historic truth of the matter is that women preferred to cope with the problems of inbreeding than seek mates outside of their community.

This should be a minor matter of no real importance.  The only people who have an urgent need to believe otherwise are Marxists.

Unfortunately, these people are the ones completely in charge of the EU, The American Deep State, and the entire globalist media complex.  And Marxism has a new unofficial tenant born of desperation.  The complete denial of reality.

From John C. Wright: “The central tenet of the cultic and hysterical mental disorder called Leftism is what I call ‘the unreality principle.’ This is the principle, baldly stated, that reality is bad and unreality is good, therefore unreality is real.

The second tenet coming out of this first principle is that anything one would like to believe about Leftism is real, and the that facts are not real. Hence, the Leftist believes his cult is not a cult.

To the Leftist, the Christians are cultists; but the Leftist and his fellow are merely awake and aware people in a land of foggy sleepwalkers.

He and his are the only people who see the true danger from Global Warming, the danger of Zionism, the danger of Theocracy, the danger of Capitalism, and the danger from racism, sexism, and homophobia.

All these threats are clear, present, impending, terrifying and justify any action, from simple suppression of the truth to riots to state-sponsored mass murder, that the imagination of man can conceive in his dark heart. Leftism is scientific and enlightened.

The third tenet is that there is no war, there is only rebellion. Any action fought overseas is merely the Vietnam war over again, and not the real Vietnam war, which was meant to protect the innocent from slaughter and slavery at the hands of inhuman totalitarianism (and which American was winning) but the make-believe version of Vietnam the television generation saw over their televisions: the world where dope-addled psychopaths and draftees burned villages in order to save them, fighting against a dignified yellow-skinned people who sought only the preservation of their lives and property against the evils of spreading world capitalism. The unreal Vietnam War was a pointless expression of pure evil by The Establishment.

By the logic of the Unreality Principle, every war is that make-believe war: futile, useless, cruel, meaningless, evil, and something that sinister moneyed forces stir up for their own profit. I am old enough to recall when the Crusades of the Middle Ages were a matter of pride rather than shame. I am old enough to recall seeing World War Two portrayed in films and television as a noble war fought for a noble cause, not merely the collection of the firebombing of Dresden, the atom bombing of Hiroshima, the aggression of FDR and Churchill, and excuse for rounding up Japs into internment camps. Nowadays, even in comic books, our own government is always the enemy or in cahoots with the enemy: there is no foe but the Establishment.

In Unreality, all overseas wars are meant to extend or conserve the evil power of the evil powers. The only enemy is here, and rules us. Hence, the only fight is a rebellion.

This is all is eerily similar to the Gnostic belief that the world is an illusion created by an evil demiurge in order to trap the souls of us, we enlightened who are actually gods in disguise. Thou art God.

What are the anthropologists trying to cover up I do wonder?

Whenever there is a problem between Leftist Policy and Reality.  It’s always reality that’s got it all wrong.

The approved reality is that thousands of years of unique micro-cultural development in the shires and meadows, each unique in and of itself can be swept aside with the stroke of a pen in Brussels or Washington.

Except they can’t. Genetics just proved that.

The West is too fat for its own good right now.  It’s children don’t believe in a world where their children going hungry in the night is a possibility.  The urgency of survival has been extinguished and people need that urgency.

Humans need challenges or they fall apart.  Big Challenges.  Important challenges.  Life or death challenges or they just collapse into self absorbed, man-bun wearing Gnostics, who never have children.

The champions of a culture of guilt ridden self-loathing are insisting that we should let darkness fall over them.  

They wish neoteny on themselves and their children.

Since it will only be on their children and not ours I have no objection.



10 thoughts on “Neoteny

  1. Just a comment on the Danelaw thing. I assumed that the lack of Danish genetic material was due to the fact that the Danelaw area was the Jutish and Anglish Kingdoms. There just wouldn’t be that much difference and it would have been mostly confined to the warriors and aristocratic classes. And then there are the Normans. The danelaw deviations would have looked pretty much the same as the norman ones.


  2. Someone excavated below their inviolate 12,000 B.C. limit and found bones and artifacts. Most likely, non-Indian or Asian. By diktat, settlement happened from Asia at 12,000 B.C. and forward, as the ice retreated. So, what’s farther down in those caves’ hidden and fire pits? What are they hiding?

    The NW tribes and their leftist fellow travellers won’t allow genetic testing on Kennewick Man; what are they hiding?


  3. “The dividing line between these counties is a river. And that river was never crossed. The people of Devon and Cornwall are Other to each other. And have been that way since the Anglo-Saxon migration.”

    Now that’s fascinating. I say that as a guy who’s maternal grandparents were Welsh and Cornish. Though, I look Welsh through and through. My great-grandparents spoke the welsh language and my grandfather knew a bit. He was stationed in England in WW2 (flew bombers) and got on well with the other Welshmen. What a crazy language.

    I seem to remember from college that the Cornwall region had a very distinct cultural mythology too, separate from the typical ‘English’ mythology. As did the Isle of Man, where my paternal grandmother traced her roots to. Different myths, different people.


  4. Cataline
    Neotony is the stalling out of development in an immature state. This is frequently found in pretty much all domesticated animals. Dogs, for instance, are neotenizied wolves. Adult dogs retain the hallmarks of wolf pups. Shorter snout, shorter floppy ears, shorter legs and so on.

    that’s funny.

    of the three major races, Negros are the most prognathic, east Asians are the least ( Chinese / Japs / Koreans having an almost entirely flat face forehead to jaw when viewed in side profile ) and Caucasians having an intermediate side profile between the other two.

    prognathism being the term describing length of snout / jaw …

    so “current year hypothesis” is that the ancestors of Naia and Kennewick were originally flat faced Asians

    who bred themselves into a Caucasian facial structure

    and then selective pressures in the Americas bred them BACK into the Asiatic “high cheekbone” standard?

    Silent Draco January 1, 2020 at 4:42 pm
    Someone excavated below their inviolate 12,000 B.C. limit and found bones and artifacts.

    way more recent than that. there was a find in Titusville Fla that before the bones were dated, the ME was positive were Caucasian skulls.
    The local forensic expert originally believed he was examining modern Caucasian remains.”

    age of the Windover remains? “Radiocarbon dating on two bones excavated from the pond by the backhoe, paid for by the developers, yielded dates of 7,210 years and 7,320 years Before Present, establishing the importance of the find.

    ie – the natives were Caucasoid even as recent as 5,500 BC.

    you can see how this causes problems for the standard theory of populating the New World.

    of course, there have also been finds far older than 12000BC, there’s a sinkhole in Tallahasee where they’ve been pulling out 14000BC mastodon bones … that had been butchered.


  5. Gnosticism is very much focused on criticizing the exaltation of symbolic reality. Don’t let the postmodern distortion of it be your guide here, they don’t get anything about it.

    – Gnosticism holds that our universe is an actual conscious being who has fallen into darkness (her mirror being Error) and become lost in delusions that guide her actions. She then has children who are born into the world after her image, inheriting her mind and confusion, as well as a connection to her. The purpose of the superior man (the son) is to come down and save the entity and her children from their delusions and restore them to God. He does so by restoring knowledge of reality and the relationship between the two worlds, destroying the delusions by showing them to be shadows without any part in the mind of God. Evil that is done in the world harms this being and her children rather than God or the Son who are both from another world.

    – Christianity holds that believers are united in the church, the only true union, which is a symbolic union (the bride) that is joined by real spirits. In this view each spirit is individually created by God and inherits their flaws/nature by the vessels they are sent into. So the highest union, the church, exists as an entity between individuals and the holy spirit that connects them together, but has no conscious existence or being in itself. A family is another symbolic entity according to the church, without ties together. The same is also true of the universe in christian thought, Everything in the universe is held to have degrees of soul, yet the universe is not a being, rather an entity without conscious existence. It is a simulated vehicle controlled by the thought of an outside being that happens to have individual conscious entities within it. Even were every part of it fully conscious, the universe itself would still remain an unconscious entity.

    Which system then produces the obsession with the unreal? Must it not be the one obsessed with the individual connecting through and identifying with symbolic entities? I contend that the gnostic perspective is reality focused and a greatly superior argument for morality because it is based on the relationship that God, his son, his daughter, and her children all have together. The focus on the symbolic/nonfamilial union is ultimately what leads to the obsession of controlling everything with abstractions like corporations and all other manner of symbolic/arbitrary associations. One group has a goddess and her family, the other has a church and its congregation. One is a natural family, the other is adopted.

    My apologies if this post was excessively wordy, but I’ve got to defend this point.


  6. If I remember correctly, early explorers noted that the east coast Indians looked rather European.

    The gene map showing the color flow across the world looks like Europe and Eastern North America had some connections.

    Perhaps the folks before the Na Dene migrations were related to Early European Hunter Gatherers. If they had only the first set of skin lightening genes, they would look rather European but without the second set that either the orientals or Europeans developed.


  7. My money is on the Canadians finding a skeleton (etc.) in British Columbia.

    My second choice: some Brazilians found a skeleton in the Amazon region some time ago – finally got around to checking the details – and just found a surprise or two.


  8. White Sands proves Clovis were Johnny come latelys. So at least four waves. A negrito group, A group obviously related to Soulteraneans, perhaps proto Caucasian perhaps just related, Clovis, and Na Dene.

    According to what I read the White Sands bunch are not Clovis nor related. This is just another kick at the door. It would be interesting if they were red haired or blue eyed.


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