Even More Bad New For Marvel

New Mutants was released theatrically and what the hell were they thinking? It was never going to do well but $750 K? Holy crap! This is the first Marvel movie since the turn of the century to make less than a million dollars on opening night. This is a mega bomb when Disney was looking […]

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That Explains That

I’d thought replacing Black Panther with his baby sister was a profoundly stupid idea but then there wasn’t anything on Marvel’s phase IV slate that wasn’t Woke and Dumb (but I repeat myself). However, Disney knew something I didn’t. “Black Panther” film star Chadwick Boseman, an actor whose work celebrated African-American pioneers and culture, has […]

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Cataline Recommends: Muppets Now

All properties purchased by Disney have suffered but I think it’s fair to say that the Muppets are the second to the worst. * My metrics for this are; loss of authorial intent, financial degradation, and metastization of the Critical Race Cult. Star Wars has had a loss of authorial intent and the CRC has […]

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RE:View Demolition Man

Mellow greetings, fellow thought criminals!  The most devastating satire about life in 2020 was made nearly 30 years ago.  the year was 1993, and some very unfortunate long term problems were starting to make themselves felt. Bill Clinton was now president. Universities were creating program tracks specifically for illiterates And despite having college degrees ourselves, Generation […]

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Don’t Go Back To College

Back in the dim mists of time. When Duran-Duran was on MTV and I was on campus, a new and profoundly bitter kind of undergrad was starting to appear at colleges across the country. The Non-Traditional Student. Also known as the returning drop-out. An odd creature that was and remains quite celebrated in pop-culture. I […]

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