What Happened to the Critic?

I found this is in my draft folder. It was going to be a Yeah, It’s Gonna Suck about Birds of Prey. Apparently, I had forgotten to publish it. I was about to delete but then I looked it over and decided it actually had a few useful observations about the roll of the Critic […]

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The Fall of Iger Part II

I’ve been hearing some talk since Iger’s unexpected departure yesterday. Mostly, it’s about Bob Chapek and is he really the guy to take over from Bob Iger? Is he just a caretaker until the inevitable mines finish exploding and someone else takes over for him? Is Chapek going to be an improvement? I’ll answer the […]

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Star Wars Claims It’s Biggest Victim

Bob Iger is out as CEO of Disney. Effective Immediately. “Iger will remain executive chairman of Disney through the end of 2021, according to the company. He has been instrumental in making Disney a media powerhouse with key acquisitions and content plays. He launched Disney+, immediately making Disney a popular streaming service provider. Disney said the […]

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H. G. Wells

In June of 1870 France had been the dominate land power in Europe since the reign of Louis XIV. Sure it had had it’s ups and downs and yes, granted Napoleon was defeated (eventually) but look at the size of the alliance it took to take him down. My point is this, France had been […]

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An anonymous group claimed it was behind the release of pigeons over the city of Las Vegas that are wearing MAGA hats and — in at least one case — a wig that resembles President Trump’s hair. The group, calling itself Pigeons United To Interfere Now, or P.U.T.I.N., called it an “aerial protest” of Wednesday night’s Democratic […]

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What is Wrong With These People?

I know I don’t usually start these things by roasting Scalzi but in this case…   Kiva Lagos was busily fucking the brains out of the assistant purser she’d been after for the last six weeks of the Yes, Sir, That’s My Baby’s trip from Lankaran to End when Second Officer Waylov Brennir entered her stateroom, unannounced. “You’re needed,” he said.  […]

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