Charlies Angels: The Collapsening

A soft-landing meteor. An atheist Easter. A smart Progressive. A feminist Charlies Angels. Some things are just a contradiction in terms. Charlies Angels started life as a vehicle for Kate Jackson, who had acquired something of a following as the Nurse on The Rookies. Then she cut her hair, became a women’s Libber and started […]

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Tesla’s New…Truck?

Here are the claimed stats by Tesla for this….thing. Top of the line model: Range: 500+ miles Towing: 14,000 lbs Zero to Sixty: 2.9 Clearance: 16 inches Approach: 35 degrees Departure: 28 degrees Which in theory is all awesome sauce and as embarrassing as it to admit, this….thing, excites my inner tweleve year old in […]

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Cataline Recommends: Gods of Egypt

There was plenty to be disappointed about with Justice League.  The recycled MacGuffin from the last movie.  The fact that “America” had been deleted from Justice League of America.  That Batman’s costume looked like a giant foam plushy when Whedon turned up the lighting on a Zack Snyder movie.  And that Lex Luthor is still being played […]

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