It’s the Haunted look in his eyes

Look at Obama’s eyes!

“Why the fuckity fucking fuck didn’t fire him in 2012? Why in the name of Allah didn’t I throw him over the damn side like a sane man would!? Captain Cankles would have made a better VP. A deranged chicken would have made for better VP! The drooling Captain of the SS Dementia Island is charge of my legacy. And he is sailing it full steam ahead into an Iceberg. FUCK!”

His expression of long, drawn out suffering at the hands of President Grandpa Simpson is priceless.

If it’s of any comfort Barry, I have some pretty deep regrets about my political decisions too.

Forget about Gore, I should have voted for Dukakis. We would have had a Democrat in the White House either way but America would have spared that clan of festering pustules dressed mumbling Mandarins called the Bush dynasty.

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