Interesting Things

A medical numbering system that was contemporary to Roman and Arabic numerals but it never caught on. Although, it was frequently used for encryption prior to 1800. NEXT There has been a study that found that the MMR vaccine cross immunizes for Covid-19. Which if true would neatly explain why kids have been largely untouched […]

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A Tale of Two Space Comedies

If you enjoy science fiction you frequently have to endure Lefty sermons on various subjects. Reader: And rain is still wet, Cataline. What’s your point? It’s a premise, not a point. If you look for it, you can find plenty of right-wing science fiction in print but in the English-speaking world, media science fiction is […]

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The 61% Solution

Foxit is in full swing and what had been the number one news network for twenty years is now pretty much even with CNN’s numbers. “Lachlan Murdoch, speaking to investors on Election Day, suggested that even the nation’s most watched cable news outlet — his own — may see some portion of the audience dissipate […]

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The Biggest loser of Election Night is now officially Fox News. The entire Right wing dragged Fox out back, rolled it up in a carpet, poured gasoline on it and set it on fire. Fox’s rating are a complete disaster.  For the first time this century (I think) they came in a very distant third. From […]

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Press Attempts a Coup

Well we all knew it was coming. But it is something of a groundbreaker, the press has never declared a winner of a presidential election without one candidate conceding. To the best of my knowledge this has never happened. Groundbreaking as I said, but pointless. The LAWFULLY elected president has not conceded the election. The […]

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