Tragic News

I’m being serious for once. Moria Greyland’s husband died of a massive heart attack last night. My prayers for that poor woman have been offered. No soul should have to bear the burdens hers does.

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Rise of the Gamma Hero

Lets take a quick look at one; Back to the Future’s George McFly. When we first met him he is as low on the socio-sexual totem pole as you can get without shooting up a post office. Awkward, geeky and still being belittled by his high school bully after thirty years. His wife loathes him […]

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Game of Thrones is NOT Fantasy

George R.R. Martin has never written fantasy in his life and he sure as hell didn’t start with a Song of Ice and Fire. Martin writes horror. That’s the simple truth of Game of Thrones and why I could never stand it. Fantasy for me has always been heroic fantasy. Either Lord of the Rings […]

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The denouement. For those who don’t know, the denouement is generally considered optional in story structure. It’s a chance for you tie up some loose ends and maybe show how your characters are getting on in with their new lives. Unless you are an incompetent story teller and are using it as a chance to […]


Stargate: Re-Vue

This intellectual property is about to hit it’s quarter century mark and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be swept under the pop cultural rug any time soon. One movie, two long running series, a couple of straight to DVD flicks and a single season disaster. In fact MGM was recently trying to make […]

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