Blogs And Ends: Spring Break

First up E;R’s new upload comparing Alita to Captain Marvel.   NEXT By popular demand I am posting this video by Jenny Nicholson on Avatarland that makes most of the same points I did but you guys seem to want it tacked up here so here you go.   NEXT Mauler’s full length commentary on […]

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Disney’s Lost Art of Animation

Disney World has been making itself fairly car hostile over the last year or so and surprisingly it has nothing to do with the eco-freaks that infest it’s board of directors now. It’s never been too hard to get around the place without an automobile.  The monorails can take you between the Magic Kingdom resorts, […]

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Recommends: The Missionaries

Available on Amazon Kindle Take up the White Man’s burden, The savage wars of peace—  Fill full the mouth of Famine And bid the sickness cease; And when your goal is nearest The end for others sought,  Watch sloth and heathen Folly Bring all your hopes to nought. — Kipling   The Missionaries is both […]

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The Social Justice Mary Sue

Mary Sue’s have always been with us in one form or another. The first one I can recall running into was Harriet Vane.  She was a mystery writer in the Peter Wimsey mysteries by Dorothy L. Sayers.  Vane was created and inserted because Sayers had fallen in love with her own creation, Lord Wimsey. You […]

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Marvel Sue Confirmed

  The reviews are coming in for Captain Marvel and they are…surprisingly accurate in a few corners.  I was expecting everyone to tow the party line.  And while quite a few have.  There are several other shills that are off the reservation. The RT score for Captain is a shockingly low 83%. Yes, yes, 83% […]

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Guns for Hipsters

This post was popular enough to be ripped off by TruthAboutGuns blog. Nice to know someone cared. REPOSTED from the Late Dark Herald Millennials. As sad as it is, the future is theirs. Okay I will grant (very grudgingly) that a few of them are alright but those tragic few of you, will sadly remain enslaved […]

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