So Where Has the Dark Herald Been?

Simple enough, I’ve transferred my flag to Arkhaven’s blog. The reason for this is that my readership here plateaued about six months ago. There has been the occasional spike in daily numbers but it was clear there was no growth. I’ll be leaving this blog up for a while but if you want anything transferred […]

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I’ve been dreading the BBC’s The Watch for a while. It had the words “A bold reimagining by the BBC” in front of it, so I knew it would be bad but… Oh, my fucking fuckity fuck!!! This is much more horrible than I could have ever imagined it to be. This isn’t a just […]


Cataline’s Take on the Polls

Biden’s lead in the polls is a comfortable one and has been that way for months. In fact, he has maintained that lead over Trump since before he had been chosen as the Democrats candidate. * Going back to October of 2019, that substantial lead over Trump was there. Back before COVID when the economy […]

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Battleground: First Impressions

My ban on spoilers for Peace Talks is now lifted. If you haven’t read that book yet and intend to, stop reading now. There will also be one major spoiler for Battleground. ***SPOILER ALERT*** ***SPOILER ALERT*** ***SPOILER ALERT*** ***SPOILER ALERT*** ***SPOILER ALERT*** ***SPOILER ALERT*** ***SPOILER ALERT*** Battleground is a drastically stronger work than Peace Talks. […]

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The End of Disney?

Not today. Not Tomorrow. Not next year. But COVID is a wound from which Disney will never recover. Disney is simply too big to recover. Before the Fox purchase, they MIGHT have had enough liquidity to ride it out in the short term without taking on debt but regardless, that wasn’t the case after Iger’s […]

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Horror: A Thought

This is a bit of an l’esprit de l’escalier post. From my piece on Kolchak the Night Stalker. “Horror, began appropriately enough during the Reign of Terror.  Religion was officially outlawed in France.  The Catholic Church had been forced out of the country and if you were going to worship anything at all, it had […]

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