The 61% Solution

Foxit is in full swing and what had been the number one news network for twenty years is now pretty much even with CNN’s numbers. “Lachlan Murdoch, speaking to investors on Election Day, suggested that even the nation’s most watched cable news outlet — his own — may see some portion of the audience dissipate […]

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The Biggest loser of Election Night is now officially Fox News. The entire Right wing dragged Fox out back, rolled it up in a carpet, poured gasoline on it and set it on fire. Fox’s rating are a complete disaster.  For the first time this century (I think) they came in a very distant third. From […]

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Press Attempts a Coup

Well we all knew it was coming. But it is something of a groundbreaker, the press has never declared a winner of a presidential election without one candidate conceding. To the best of my knowledge this has never happened. Groundbreaking as I said, but pointless. The LAWFULLY elected president has not conceded the election. The […]

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How to Surf the Dark Web

The events of this week just sent this from paranoid option to sensible need. Here’s what you need. 1 Get a cheap laptop without a harddrive. Not difficult at all. Ebay always has a few of them.  They are being rotated out by businesses and they pull the hard drive to avoid anyone getting their data. […]

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Trumpism Was Mainstream

What follows next will NOT be mainstream at all. This former Libertarian can’t believe he now lives in a world where he completely agrees with the opinions of Polpot regarding city dwellers and college professors. But here we are!!!!

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So Where Has the Dark Herald Been?

Simple enough, I’ve transferred my flag to Arkhaven’s blog. The reason for this is that my readership here plateaued about six months ago. There has been the occasional spike in daily numbers but it was clear there was no growth. I’ll be leaving this blog up for a while but if you want anything transferred […]

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