The Beginning of the End For the Fix News Network

Even the Instapundit has finally noticed.

“SO FAR, THE UNDISPUTED LOSER IN THE ELECTION IS FOX NEWS, BOTH FOR ITS ELECTION-NIGHT COVERAGE AND ITS FOLLOW-ON COVERAGE TODAY. We watched, hated it, and switched to NewsmaxTV and to CNN, which surprisingly did a good, data-driven job. Chris Wallace was the worst. And a former student commented: “That guy who was their expert last night looked like Fauci in a wig. [If] Brett Baier wants his job and to keep paying for his wife’s bad Botox, so he had to smile through it.”

3 thoughts on “The Beginning of the End For the Fix News Network

  1. Wasn’t FOX ment to be controlled opposition? If even right wing news like FOX gives it to creepy Joe than you bitter clingers should fall in line. If the left gets away with this blatant theft democracy is done in the US. I’ve believed for a while no western country is getting out without a reset of one sort or another. All Trump is able to do is buy time for you guys. Generations of malicious policy making can’t be unraveled in 8 years. Out in Australia both sides are stoking the inevitable conflagration so we are no better off.


  2. Former head of Fox News, Rogers Ailes was a Republican. When forced out the Murdocks took over. My understanding is old man Murdock hates Trump. That would explain a lot. I was down to just a few Fox shows on the DVR. (Tucker, Gutfeld, Levin……). Now I’m gone. Quit watching CNN in ‘92 after seeing all the biased coverage and had to wait a few years for Fox News. Willing to do the same again.


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