Press Attempts a Coup

Well we all knew it was coming. But it is something of a groundbreaker, the press has never declared a winner of a presidential election without one candidate conceding. To the best of my knowledge this has never happened.

Groundbreaking as I said, but pointless. The LAWFULLY elected president has not conceded the election. The recounts will shortly be underway, the courts are swinging into action. And even Michigan’s “do nothing” legislature has started sending out subpoenas.

In the meantime there are spontaneous rallies breaking out to “Protect the Vote”.

This is NOT something that happens for a losing candidate. These are the unorganized rallies. Expect the President to start holding his own soon.

Keep your calendar open.

UPDATE: Mitt Romney is such a fucking loser is actually conceding a race that he isn’t in.

Mitt honey, you don’t need to jump the gun. In two years you can start failing for to become the GOP candidate again. We’ll be happy to accept your concession speech and shoo you out of the way then.

2 thoughts on “Press Attempts a Coup

  1. The only example I can think of is Truman holding that “Dewey Defeats Truman” newspaper…but that was just one newspaper as far as I can recall. This is disgusting. Predictable, but disgusting.

    Side note: I’m glad you’re continuing to post here, as much as it’s cool that you’re getting the platform of Arkhaven’s blog, it’s nice knowing all the Cataline Recommends and Grod chapters won’t be vanishing into the internet aether.

    Related: any particular reason you’re not using the Cataline name anymore? Just preference?


  2. Mitt Romney…good ol’ Pierre Delecto, the guy who tries so hard to be middle of the road that he can no longer identify as a Conservative.
    Mitt — may the people of Utah grow a spine and fire you.


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