I wonder what the anthropologists are hiding now? The reason I ask that is that there is now a ridiculous theory, that is being ramrodded through academic journals. I would be willing to bet that Somebody has found something very inconvenient to Their world view.  To say nothing of the horror of disproving past papers They have written. The anthropologists want […]

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Leaving Libertarian

UPDATE: For those of you who are asking, here is the link to my book; The Great Divide Game.* Yes, I used to be one.  I admit it freely and I admit that I still have some sympathy in that regard.   When I was in high school I probably qualified as a liberal.  I was certainly qualified […]

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The Dark Herald Recommends: Last Knights

This is from Slant Magazine. I’m only posting the link so you can laugh at the writer’s breathtaking ignorance, unearned arrogance, and hilarious stupidity. “Last Knights is another macho celebration of honor and self-sacrifice, of fighting for “freedom” because someone else told you to, that’s devoid of any acknowledgement(sp) of the inherent irony of that ideology. […]

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My Daily Blood Pressure Spike

Courtesy of the god damn fucking Michigan Republican Party. They had the CEO of Dominion in for questioning and that collection of bumbling Colonel Klink cunt-waffles known as the GOP Michigan Senate let him run rings around them. He flat out lied to them under oath knowing full well nothing would happen to him. Cyber […]

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Washington Riots

Not a surprise to me. Frankly my recent trip to the Swamp left me utterly pissed… At my own side. People had showed up for an incursion into enemy territory and they were acting like it was a goddamn fucking vacation. I felt like the Union Soldiers at First Bull Run watching people driving their […]

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Sorry to Burst Any Bubbles

You can not count on the Michigan GOP to do the right thing today. Their leadership is entirely controlled by the cunt-waffles from Grosse Point. they are Romney Republicans and they are utterly convinced if they bury their heads deeply enough in the sand, that the world will be 1980 again when they come up […]

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