Sorry to Burst Any Bubbles

You can not count on the Michigan GOP to do the right thing today. Their leadership is entirely controlled by the cunt-waffles from Grosse Point. they are Romney Republicans and they are utterly convinced if they bury their heads deeply enough in the sand, that the world will be 1980 again when they come up […]

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Awkward conversation. I was recently at my favorite gun shop. Clerk Who Didn’t Know Me: So what are you in the market for? Me: An AR, Mil Spec. CWDKM (nods and pulls a rifle off the rack behind him): Here you are sir. An accurate reproduction of the M-16A2 Service Rifle. And indeed it was. […]

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Pennsylvania Has To Respond Today

Alito moved up their response date and time. As of now it’s 9:00am. IF the Supreme Court grants cert (sure as hell not guaranteed) Ted Cruz will be presenting oral arguments before the court. Texas has filed suit against the Gang of Four states, arguing that their popular votes are so contaminated they need to […]

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