RE:View Kolchak

A man in a cheap suit that would be the envy of every Millenial Hipster on the planet, walks into an office setting that they would envy even more. He is whistling a happy and carefree little tune while he pours himself a cup of coffee that no hipster would touch with a thousand foot pole.  […]

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Proof That Trump Won the Debate

From the National Post: “Google searches in the U.S. for the terms “move to Canada” and “how to move to Canada” skyrocketed last night, hitting their peak at around 10 p.m. Eastern time, right as the two candidates were locked in their grim battle.” You know damn good and well nobody on the Right ever […]

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RE:View Young Sherlock Holmes

When my wife looked over my piece on Enola Holmes there was something at the end that caught her attention: “But if they (the writers) had let her first love die… If they had allowed Enola to fail. I would have had to have given it a higher rating.  It would have made this a much […]

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Debate Hot Takes

Both candidates got what they wanted out of it. Biden, while barely held together with god knows what kind of chemo-cocktail, did in fact hold it together. No major gaffes and no wandering off stage. Center-Lefties that are committed to voting for him feel slightly more secure about doing so. However, Trump dominated the entire […]

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In my neck of the woods there is a candidate for district judge seat that is promising “firm but compassionate judgement.” She has to my knowledge an income of approxmiately $150,000 per year and she appears to have had about a $1,500,000 spent on her campaign for this seat. No other campaign for this seat […]