Democracy Dies In Darkness; Was Apparently A Blue Print

The Left got clumsy. They thought they could steal this one by mail-in ballot harvesting, except that wasn’t anywhere near enough. So then they went with smash and grab crude. And counted on a 100% (now that FOX has joined the Left) media support to hide it.

A pretty good piece from Sarah Hoyt:

You know how they kept talking about the red mirage? Well, this is the blue smokescreen.

It’s not really very convincing, and you can kind of squint through it and see the antifa goons looking all sad-faced, and how the low-info lefties are going to be disappointed like the kiddies who got a healthy snack for Halloween. Honestly, guys, if you look at this the right way, you’ll still be hopping mad, but you have to have a heart of steel not to laugh like a hyena.

Things are bad for the Dems. Really bad.

You see, they thought that they had frauded (totally a word) enough in advance, and the polls assured them they were doing fine. Then, come Election Day, that darn Trump pulled off a landslide election, and they had to stoop to counting and do their best to manufacture more votes ASAP…

The right is mad as hell. We have reason to be. And the left is terrified. Or at least those in the know are terrified. 

This wasn’t the normal, carefully planned, subtle fraud. This was fraud created the same way that one breaks into a bank with two sticks of dynamite, instead of picking at the lock.

Such fraud leaves traces. If we look into it we’ll find them. And once we find them, even some secure blue states with all vote-by-mail will be looked at.

And when Trump wins, despite all this nonsense (yes, the left will riot. But that will be different from the last year, how?), and things are looked into, they might lose their permanent fiefdoms created by “all vote-by-mail” states. And then what?…

Years ago, during the ’04 election, a friend told me the Democrats always get louder and more triumphalist when they’re losing. I’ve observed this is true, since then.

So, step down from the ledge. Go take a shower. Have some real food. Eat a vegetable. Ease up on the coffee. Go for a walk.

And don’t fall for the blue smokescreen. And DO NOT abandon Trump. He’s got this, if you guys don’t stab him in the back. He’s got this all the way. Let him play it.

Yes, the Republic is in danger, and yes, things can still go wrong because a lot of the institutions are corrupted.

But the left is covered in flop sweat. They don’t think they’re going to win this.

At least they won’t if you don’t let them into your head.”

3 thoughts on “Democracy Dies In Darkness; Was Apparently A Blue Print

  1. Glad to have you back!

    I believe they overreached with the voting copying machine, they gave the order to cheat, and their minions obeyed with enthusiasm.

    The outcome of all this is a voting system reform (at least voting IDs) , otherwise the election process is done and so is the American Republic.


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