How to Surf the Dark Web

The events of this week just sent this from paranoid option to sensible need.

Here’s what you need.

1 Get a cheap laptop without a harddrive. Not difficult at all. Ebay always has a few of them.  They are being rotated out by businesses and they pull the hard drive to avoid anyone getting their data. And good news, they are cheap. Also you DON’T want one with hard drive.

2. Get a VPN. No point in publishing your address. I like Privacy myself but Nord is fine.

3. Use the Tor browser. A VPN is far from perfect and the Tor browser will give you an extra layer of protection.

4. Use Tails as your OS. It’s a linux based OS that runs entirely on your PC’s RAM.  And it will remember nothing of your previous session.

5. Keep your OS on a USB stick and always boot and run your dark web laptop off of that.

Make sure JavaScript can’t run. That you use the Privacy Badger extension or something similar to prevent tracking. Last Use DuckDuckGo for your search engine. Do not physically connect it via a cable, an air-gap is a must.

I’d say we are all in this together but as you know, this isn’t the case.


UPDATE: Leave any USEFUL additions in the comments below.

9 thoughts on “How to Surf the Dark Web

  1. “Do not physically connect it via a cable, an air-gap is a must.”

    What do you mean by this exactly, to use wi-fi instead of ethernet, or to not have power plugged in? The meaning is ambiguous. The other parts are ok, and fairly secure.

    The best option for full security is to have no battery in the laptop so that if you are surprised at any point by hostile actors you can just yank the power cable from the laptop without needing to shut down.

    You can also use a hop box running PORTAL which is a special Tor only tunnel firmware that can be installed on mobile routers:


    1. Thanks for the clarification. But if you’re using your own home internet, direct connection through ethernet is by far the safer route. It cannot be sniffed unless somebody is also connected to the router. You should also have configured your router so that the wi-fi is off, the default password has been changed, IP and MAC filters are enabled to pass only the devices you use to connect (this will not work with Tails i believe), plus other features, which change depending on which brand you’re using. Most people never even change the default password, making routers incredibly easy to hack. Your laptop’s wi-fi card sends out so much identifiable data you would be quite shocked to discover what can be captured with the right tools. If somebody wants to do packet analysis, wi-fi is their friend. Ethernet is zero radio. It’s much safer in that sense. Why do you recommend it?


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