The Biggest loser of Election Night is now officially Fox News.

The entire Right wing dragged Fox out back, rolled it up in a carpet, poured gasoline on it and set it on fire.

Fox’s rating are a complete disaster.  For the first time this century (I think) they came in a very distant third.

From Ace:

I saw a couple of commenters noting that Bret Baier had made the inarguable statement that Biden hasn’t been elected by the electoral college yet. They seemed to take this as “Fox is getting the message.”

No, it’s not. 

They’re in a corporate crisis. Yes, there will be attempts here and there to continue Conning the Rubes, and some people will be tasked with Outreach to the Rubes.

But this is not a decision recently made. Fox — the News Division — has been trending hard left for years and years, and have ignored our protests and complaints about it.

Remember Chris Stirewalt making the very, very early call that the Democrats had won the House in 2018 — while people on the West Coast were still voting? Costing Republicans in highly competitive House seats the election, as marginal voters, dispirited by the early call, decided not to vote?

And remember him explaining to viewers — who were already registering their anger about this — that Fox News’ “brain room” (that’s what they really call it, and it’s a murderer’s row of smug but stupid liberals) could make this call “because we’re just that damned good”?

…we screamed about that two years ago.

And what happens Tuesday night? The same thing, but this time on steroids.

This time, Fox News made the startlingly early call that the Democrats would keep the House — and gain at least five seats!

They’re sticking by that call. Even though there is some doubt the Democrats will keep the House. Certainly, they’re not gaining any seats.

But they’re on Team Democrat.

Have been for years.

The guy making all these calls is a registered Democrat and a big donor to Obama and Hillary.

Fox News knew what they were getting when they hired him. Fox News got what it wanted out of the hiring.

They decided to do this. This is a plan they are executing. Even if one or two of these people make some very weak noises about Trump still having lawsuits in play — which, again, is an inarguable statement; we should not credit these assholes for managing to report that which is inarguably true — it’s simply an attempt to con you into sticking with them as they continue their metamorphosis from ugly conservative pupa into beautiful liberal butterfly.

It’s no secret that corporations punish Fox, refusing to advertise on the station. That’s why you see so many smaller companies advertising there.

And it’s no secret that our Social Media Overlords rank Fox News very, very low in their search queries. 

This costs Fox money. That’s true.

The liberal Murdoch boys and their liberal socialite useless wives have decided to reposition Fox as a leftwing channel. 

They think they can keep most of their unfashionable, racist current audience — we’re too stupid and sheeplike to object or change our habits! — while making more money, as they get more advertising revenue from left-leaning megacorporations, and Google starts allowing their articles to appear on the first page of search results.

The plan depends on “keeping most of their unfashionable, racist current audience,” plus picking up some liberals. Liberals who apparently want CNN-style liberalism but with Shrieking Eagle graphics and country music in the bumpers.

In other words: They want to keep the current audience by giving the current audience what it does not want, and attract a Phantom Audience of leftwingers who want their CNN-style leftwing bias with a Fox News branding, for some reason.

The plan depends on whether we’re stupid and sheeplike enough to continue watching them even while they stab us in the back.

Early indicators say: We’re not that stupid and sheeplike.

It says a lot about Fox that they even thought we might be.

They hate you. They hate your fucking guts. They might even hate you more than CNN, because they hate that they’ve had to pander to your ignorant uncultured racist asses lo these many years.”

This is nothing I haven’t been saying for a while but it appears that the rest of the Right wing finally caught up with me.  I know there are people who are going to tell you that they don’t care about the news they just like Tucker.

Tell them, yeah, Erwin Rommel was a nice guy too but ultimately you got to remember who he was working for.

Sorry, Tucker.  But you are on your own now. If you want to avoid damaging your brand any further, then it is time to get the hell off Fox.  There’s a reason you’re waking up with fleas.

3 thoughts on “Downfall

  1. Fox has always been fake Conning News with a spackled on layer of cleavage and finely turned ankles.

    remember when the biggest talking head on Fox was the pro-Gun Control, Abortionist, homo, fake Catholic Bill O’Reilly? lordy hold my bloomers up, that Bill just tickles every Conny nerve in my body.

    i’ve characterized Fox as stipulating to every single Leftist talking point since the very beginning. they quibble about the way the facts are characterized but they practically never just straight up say that the Left is Morally AND Intellectually fraudulent. which would be an actual Right Wing position.

    ah well, at least dunking on Alan Colmes was fun.


  2. 1) Thanks for firing up this blog again! Can’t get arkhaven to work on my ipod no matter what I do, and that’s where I do most of my reading off the web. Very pleased to see you back here, sir. And a belated happy birthday to you and the other misguided children. SF

    2) Foxnews drove so far over the cliff my dad has written them off. He’s a Christian, conservative, born and raised in country Alabama boomer who 5 years ago thought Sean Hannity should run for president…now he’s not so sure about Sean if he’s working at Fox. Someone at VD said the Dems ran so fast so far over the cliff like Wile E. Coyote, and now there’s a cubic mile of air beneath them–they just haven’t started falling yet. I think that’s true of Foxnews more than any other group. Now will the next controlled opposition TV news network please stand up? I assume it’ll be a compromised fag at the helm like William F. Buckley so be on the lookout.


  3. Sadly, Fox News isn’t crazy. The exit polls showed that Gen Z voted for Biden by a wide margin, around 20% (I think, I can’t find a link to that article). The GOP described the gap between men and women as large but the gap between the under 30 voter vs over 30 voter as “a canyon”.

    Look at the photos of any Trump rally. The vast majority of people attending were older, very few people under 30.

    I remember the crowds after Reagan won in 1980, huge swaths of people in their 20’s and 30’s. Fast forward 40 years and those Reaganites are now in their 60’s and 70’s. And they’re going to Trump rallies, but their children aren’t.

    I don’t know what happened. But each generation has trended left. If K-12 and college indoctrinated the young, then conservatives abandoned the true field of battle, which was control of the school agenda. In doing so, the right conceded the future to the left.

    I remember George (S)Will wrote one true thing, that the opposition to gay marriage was literally dying off. Older people opposed gay marriage, younger people supported it. He was right. Almost all the people 30 and under I’ve met are hard left. I find that very depressing.

    Fox knows the future demographic of the total audience. If the young have gone left, Fox News has to go left with them.

    Stop watching Fox News, They’re reinforcing the beliefs of their future audience and that future isn’t conservative. It’s painful, but Fox is just doing what they have to do to stay in business.


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