Debate Hot Takes

Photo from America’s Paper of Record

Both candidates got what they wanted out of it.

Biden, while barely held together with god knows what kind of chemo-cocktail, did in fact hold it together. No major gaffes and no wandering off stage. Center-Lefties that are committed to voting for him feel slightly more secure about doing so.

However, Trump dominated the entire debate and kept Biden from looking “Presidential.”

That is from the former editor of the New Republic.

Trump also discredited Fox News as the news the Right-wing can trust. And speaking of Chris Wallace, The biggest loser was Chris Wallace. Both hectoring and completely out of control of the proceedings.

Trump knew that he was going to be in the tank for Biden all he had to do was make it obvious to everyone. Mission accomplished.

Sure it was a shit-show. But that was what Trump needed it to be.

One thought on “Debate Hot Takes

  1. Anyone paying attention could see Wallace was keeping Joe from blabbering and talking about Cornpop. The only time Joe seemed in command was when he was delivering pre-arranged lines.


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