Hollywood Triples Down

The Wokeness will consume all!

The financial tsunami of Covid-19 combined with the rise of the Critical Race Cult is creating an air of unreality in Tinseltown.

More than usual I mean.

The chief priority should be survival at any cost. The problems are well known, theatrical exhibition was the chief source of income to the American entertainment complex. And for better than six months now there has been no income from that source.

Covid won’t vanish until the election and even then they are now so drastically over-invested in it, they may try to keep us masks even longer.

The first big release of this new era was Tenet. Opening weekend was thirty million against a budget of god-only-knows. And hilariously, there was quite a lot of whistling in the dark about how $30 million “wasn’t bad.”

Not bad?

NOT BAD!?!?!?

Thirty million is a fucking disaster for a Nolan flick. I suspect that Disney knew they had a turkey on their hands with Mulan, (they were certainly aware of that problem with Artemis Fowl). But their claim that 30% of their subscriber base rented it is ludicrous. At this point, Disney is doing its best to support its stock price but after the fourth-quarter earnings call, I don’t see how that is going to happen.

Disney is the worst off but all of the big four studios are in this boat.

And the big question is: will Zoomers and Millennials go back to the theaters after the all-clear sounds. New habits have been formed and habits aren’t that easy to break. They are habitual, hence the name.

With no hope of relief in sight and the gnawing fear that it may never come, the Hollyweirdos are following human instinct.

They can’t do anything about the big problem so they are focusing all of their energy on an issue they can at least do something about.

And that issue is making film industry Woke AF.

Universal just put out a company wide memorandum

“Dear Colleagues,

Last month, Donna announced the formation of an Inclusion Committee that will take an active role in enhancing and implementing strategies to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in both the Studio’s creative endeavors and within our workforce culture, in collaboration and partnership with all UFEG employees. The guiding principle of the committee is to empower voices to tell stories that reflect our global marketplace and the diverse audiences we serve, as well as proactively develop a just and inclusive workforce culture where individuals of all backgrounds can thrive…”

Note how they aren’t saying anything about the need to make money.

Warner Media has formed its own Trust and Safety Gestapo.

“WarnerMedia’s new leadership team is investigating EVERY division of the company and instituting new behavioral rules that if not followed, could lead to ANY division being sold off or shut down. This could explain the sudden lockstep push for “diversity and inclusion” at Warner divisions DC Comics, Rooster Teeth and Crunchyroll in recent weeks. And also why Rooster Teeth suddenly purged a lot of their old content. According to new Warner head Kilar, if your division doesn’t get with the new program, you’ll GET GONE! Thanks, Ellen.”

The initiative includes an 800 number anyone can use for any reason if they a problem with their boss “not validating” them. Which I’m sure won’t be abused by anyone trying to get back at his/her/xur boss. Or clear the decks for their own promotion.

And the Oscars got into the act this week by publishing a paint-by-numbers SJW inclusivity check list that must be adhered to if you want your project even considered for nomination.

Trying to create something entertaining is difficult enough as it is but these new requirements will turn the entire film industry into this last season of Doctor Who.

There was a chance they could have survived Covid but there is no chance they will survive this.

6 thoughts on “Hollywood Triples Down

  1. Depends on a Biden bailout, and all the scatological simian jokes related. Any other result, and cue “Night on Bald Mountain” from Fantasia as their second-last vision. Their last vision will be fiery and eternal.


  2. This older millennial probably won’t be going back to the theaters. It has nothing to do with the beer bug and everything to do with this woke crap though. If Hollywood, the NFL, etc. decide that they’d rather hector me about what a bad person I am because of my skin color, then I can find better things to spend my time and money on.


  3. They have chosen long and painful.

    So be it, actions; consequences.

    I do not watch anything that shows even a little hint of wokeness. I have better things to waste time on.


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