Called It!

I was on the record as stating that Justice Ginsburg would leave us before the election. Can’t say I’m happy about the timing though. Normally the process of appointing a Supreme Court Justice takes 60 days and as of this writing we go to the polls in 46 days. If President Trump ramrods this, it […]

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Site News

Two things. In solidarity with the LGBTQQALFASDGQWERTY movement, I have changed my byline to reflect my preferred pronouns and encourage you to do the same. 2. Something’s been wrong with WordPress video embedding since the last update. If I put up more than one video, I lose half the text between the embeds. That’s provided […]

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Yeah, Its Horrifying: Cuties

I’m pretty sure I’m on yet another FBI watchlist now.  My initial criticism about Cuties was limited to Netflix marketing campaign, which very strongly sexualized a small gaggle of pubescent girls wearing stripper costumes.  Whereas the original French poster just showed a bunch of kids skipping down the street wearing their underwear outside of their clothes. […]

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Halloween Stories

It’s that time of year again. Mid-September. Which means it’s time for me to dig up some Halloween horror related material. And what’s more horrifying than Shia LaBeouf? Good times. Good times. Remember Capture the Flag?

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Heading Up North

I’ll be gone for a couple of days. I’m attending a combat shooting course in Northern Michigan. No, it’s not a Militia thing, these guys actually know what they are doing. Not cheap but the ammo is going to be the most expensive part.

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Discussion: Destroyer of Worlds

I’m wondering if Larry lied to me. He’d told me that this series doesn’t take place on Earth. And in this book I was presented with some evidence that it does.* It’s hard not to envy Larry Correia’s career. He was one of the last self-published authors that were able to go mainstream. Monster Hunter […]

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Dune Trailer Drop

Okay, it looks better than I thought it would. I admit that freely. Jason Momomomomoa (fuck it, spell checker doesn’t know and I’m looking it up) is an intriguing choice for Duncan Idaho. I can accept Josh Brolin as Gurney. And Dave Bautista isn’t a bad choice at all for the Beast Raban at all. […]

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Glad I Didn’t Do Mulan

This flick is turning out to be an abject catastrophe for Disney. The release has been completely bothched and the publicity couldn’t possibly be worse. In the credits (which apparently Disney didn’t believe that anyone actually reads) Mickey the Great and Terrible went out of his way to thank the agency responsible for the Uyghur […]

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