In my neck of the woods there is a candidate for district judge seat that is promising “firm but compassionate judgement.”

She has to my knowledge an income of approxmiately $150,000 per year and she appears to have had about a $1,500,000 spent on her campaign for this seat.

No other campaign for this seat has ever had a budget greater than in the five figures.

And every house that has a Biden sign in the front yard has one for her. Except her signs have been in those yards for months now.

Obviously the money is coming from somewhere and I suspect we both know the location of the where in question.

What I want to know is, is anything like this going on in your backyard?

Is there any over financed campaign for local judge seat near you?

Only answer about judge seats, I don’t care about anything else.


  1. Yes. We have a county/supreme court judge opening here in a traditionally red county. The Democratic candidate has lots of money. I can’t say it’s 1.5 million but it’s apparently huge due to the media blitz. The local paper, which changed ownership 3 years ago has gone all -in for her as well (which they’ve done for every Democratic candidate this year, for every office).

    In this case too, there were a lot of intra-party shenanigans that happened with the republicans too. The Republican city judge was a favorite but the notoriously corrupt (and NeverTrump) Republican Party where I live refused to endorse him or help him and picked a guy who changed his party at the last second. And then they haven’t backed him either. I think he’s been given a deal of some kind and he gets the next judge opening for losing this race.


  2. Razorfist complains that this happens all the time in Arizona at all levels. This is how you end up with cities that refuse to police rioters or a two party system where the two parties have the same policies on everything. It’s all one party (and the common people are not invited.)


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