Drive-by Recommends: Retrocrush Streaming

A commenter recently asked me do a Cataline Recommends on Retrocrush’s anime streaming service.

I absently gave it a look.

And I gotta say I am favorably impressed.

With the collection. It’s a fairly impressive selection of 1990s anime. And not be a crotchy old weeaboo but 1990s anime is drastically superior to the new stuff that’s coming out. The reason is economics.

In the Nineties the OVA had come into it’s own. In America, by 1995 it was preferable to buy than to rent Anime. The prices had come down and Blockbuster’s selection always sucked anyway. While in Japan the laser-disc had been a thing for decades. Consequently, the anime studios had a fairly major influx of capital with which to work and it showed in the quality of the artwork and animation. Sadly, the Asian economic meltdown killed that golden age.’s service itself is nothing spectacular but if you don’t mind commercials and are looking for a free alternative to Funamation or Crunchy Roll then yes, absolutely give it a look. It will literally cost you nothing.

Cataline Recommends with Confidence.

3 thoughts on “Drive-by Recommends: Retrocrush Streaming

  1. caught a ‘fight’ scene from “Raised By Wolves”.

    they’ve decided that this time the magical, all-powerful, invulnerable, perfect woman is going to use “I am woman, hear me roar” as her finishing move.

    she’s got red hair, so i suppose they could claim this is some sort of variant on the Banshee.


    1. Saw the first episode for free on YouTube. I’m not sure what the point is. am I supposed to be rooting for the crazy android? They set up the ship that was coming as some kind of heart awful religious fanatics, but they seemed pretty reasonable. They wanted to take the kid with them because the android was malfunctioning, and, well, she was! She murdered the other parent droid. I thought they were right in that decision. Then she destroys the ship killing who knows how many thousands of people, including a lot of children.

      Also, the much vaunted atheists with their better tech couldn’t field a better colonization effort? They can create a demigod like robot, but they can’t build a landing craft large enough to actually act as the initial shelter?

      Ridley Scott just has a fetish for androids causing genocide. It’s creepy.


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