So About Disney’s Anti-Woke Crusade

Ever since Doomcock posted his video there has been a great deal of talk about Disney’s new Anti-Woke initiative.

My own thoughts.

Ordering everyone to shut the hell up and stay away from politics is nothing new for Mickey the Great and Terrible. Everybody who works at the long time core businesses of the parks and Disney Studios are familiar with these edicts.

The thing you have to remember about Doomcock is where his sources come from. They are with Lucasfilm.

Lucasfilm and Marvel Comics are recent purchases. As such they really aren’t inculcated into Disney’s corporate culture. Marvel Comics writers have been very vocal about being how if you aren’t Woke then they don’t want you reading their comics. They got used to shooting off their mouths on Twitter and they are still doing it. But not without some risk. Chuck Wendig made enough waves with his Twitter rants that he attracted the negative attention of Mickey the Great and Terrible, who promptly swatted him like a fly.

Disney doesn’t really care about Marvel Comics since they’ve been planning to shut them down and outsource the licenses for some time.

Lucasfilm is in a different situation. While they’ve been allowed to be vocal SJWs under Kathleen Kennedy’s protection. That protection has now come to an end and the writer’s room at Lucasfilm is discovering the hard way that the Twitter loudmouths were being put on The List.

Basically, the people that talk to Doomcock are with Lucasfilm and Lucasfilm employees have not been held to Disney’s corporate culture standards. Now they are and it’s a horrifying shock to SJWs that there is such a thing.

However, I have serious doubts that Disney will get rid of SJWism in its employees because most of them lean Left. The CEO would have to explicitly ban SJWs from entering and that isn’t going to happen.

The Convergence will slow down a bit (assuming the company survives) but it’s not going away. The fact that the newly created Disney Parks Trust and Safety council is still in business tells you everything.

8 thoughts on “So About Disney’s Anti-Woke Crusade

  1. You forgot about an important branch, though: Marvel Studios. Now, Kevin Feige is probably smart enough to take the hint, but what about Auntie Brie? If she can’t be woke, what is she supposed to talk about on her Youtube channel (is that still a thing?)? And Mark Ruffalo and Don Cheadle, among others, have said their fair share of woke bull, not to mention Tessa Thompson was defending Netflix’s new overt pedophilia only a few days ago.

    And remember the movies that should come out in the next few years: Black Widow, then Eternals is supposed to have the first gay superhero couple, the first deaf superhero (and she’s a black woman too!!!), then there’s Shang-Chi, there’s Black Panther 2, there’s female lesbian Thor in an interracial relationship… what are they supposed to talk about now, the story?


    1. At least two of those projects is going to have to be scrapped. Disney simply doesn’t have the captial produce it’s current Marvel slate.

      They may quietly delay (read cancel) the whole slate except Black Widow.

      All of those projects are risky but when Disney had pockets bulging they could afford to high roll.

      Today, Mickey the Great and Terrible has moths flying out his pockets.

      Disney needs low risk high, return projects.

      Assuming they don’t sell off Marvel.

      At the moment, it’s their highest value asset because it hasn’t been ruined yet.

      If they are even considering selling Shang Hai then everything is on the block.


      1. About low risk projects, it’s easier said than done.

        The lowest-risk project they have right now is probably Spider-Man 3 – especially if they tone down the Zendaya Factor – but part of that money goes to Sony, so already they have a problem. Then there’s Doctor Strange 2, which should do well enough – although I’d cut that “introducing America Chavez” thing – but after that there’s only Guardians 3, which is not even in pre-production yet – Gunn is still at WB and fans want only him.

        Then there’s the fact that I’m not sure they can just afford to cancel all the current slate: Eternals was probably well underway when Corona-chan arrived, and I’m guessing they had to give Natalie Portman loads of money plus a main character contract to convince her to come back for Dyke Thor – can they just rescind that?

        Damn, they are going to sell off Marvel, are they not?


    2. Shang who?

      Seriously the only thing remotely interesting to me about that one is the villain. It’s still a sore point we never got a real face off between Iron Man and the Mandarin. Tony and all his technology vs a villain like Kingsleys Mandarin, but played straight (and by a real oriental) and with powers on a level with Dr. Strange? How awesome would that be?

      But a hero who’s an unapologetic American capitalist vs a villain straight out of ancient China and weilding apparent supernatural powers? Never happen.


  2. Chadwick Boseman/Black Panther just died, so I guess they’ll soon announce that BP2 will be removed from the release slate “at least for a while” and “out of respect”.

    The Official Story is that he’s had cancer – and has known about it – since 2016; needless to say, the Official Story is likely less than 100% true.


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