Blogs and Ends: End of Summer Edition

The somewhat miserable summer of a fairly miserable year is drawing to a close and then we get to look forward to election season, where we will be secretly biting our nails until Biden inevitably loses.

I have a few things to get done this weekend that I won’t be able to next weekend, so blogging will be light for the next couple of days. Hence a blogs and ends post.


Ann Landers: What are two things you should never do in bed?

Paul Lind: Point and laugh.


Word Power!


This is a word I’m seeing all over the internet lately. But it doesn’t mean what you think it means. “Racism,” used to be something you do, but now it is something you are because the word has been redefined.

“Grifter,” is now in the same boat.

“Grifter,” today is defined as Right-winger who makes honest money on the internet.


Another one I’m seeing a lot of all of a sudden. This used to be defined as “a studied carelessness, especially of men’s fashion.

“Sprezzatura,” today is defined as “a hipster who stuffs the end of his tie into his pants.”

Seriously guys, don’t try this at home. Americans can’t do sprezzatura we just can’t and young guys especially can’t. You must be a grandmaster of the rules of men’s fashion before you can grossly violate them without looking like a douche. It takes years of practice to make that kind of an affectation look natural.

Realistically, Sprezzatura is the exclusive province of the “Rake,” and you can’t be a rake if you are younger than forty. It is mandatory. And truthfully only Italians can really pull it off. And maybe some Frenchmen.




I won’t be putting up the poster that Netflix marketing made because it will get ME banned. However, it was without question a pedo-magnet. I’d ask what were they thinking? But there is no conceivable answer to that question that wouldn’t make my skin crawl. And the translation of the title (while reasonably accurate) absolutely reeks of 1970s kiddie-porn.

The trailer for the now infamous Netflix movie isn’t too hideous. It’s standard grrrl power dreck featuring a pubescent Muslim who joins a dance troupe of other pre-teens. A few years ago I would say it was…okay “innocent is the wrong word here… not intentionally evil.

But it is evil none the less. It wasn’t that long ago that Kylie Jenner and her sister were only play-acting at being strippers on their mother’s dance pole. Today they are very much the real thing.

And it is insidious, this is the kind of dancing that young girls are attracted to because it feels to them very grown-up and they are for the first time in their lives suddenly feeling the need for male attention despite being drastically unprepared for it when it arrives. The kind of dance-mom that lets their daughter get into this kind of troupe should be sterilized before they can bring a child into the world.


DC’s Red Wedding.

The mass execution of the editorial staff is only the start. The writers and artists come next.

The rumors are that AT&T is giving DC one more shot at internally publishing comics but if they can’t pull their shit together Ma Bell is shutting down production. Then licensing out the characters. DC comics as such will only consist of a few brand managers.

The primary reason that SJWs were able to take comics as far left as they did is because both DC and Marvel are owned by mega-corporations that regarded the annual losses of comics publishing as an acceptable rounding error. And there was always something better to do than clean up that mess.

At Warner Media, there is no longer such a thing as an acceptable loss. I don’t know about Disney yet but the trolls at Marvel have to be sweating bullets.

Okay, I’m done here.

2 thoughts on “Blogs and Ends: End of Summer Edition

  1. Tessa Thompson/Nigga Valkyrie, our current King of Asgard, has gone to bat to defend Cuties by saying that it actually tackles the problem of hypersexualising prepubescent girls – her words, not mine. Yes, Cataline, we finally have a movie that tackles what is just about the one moral problem that the West currently doesn’t have. Thompson has said that the movie “gutted” her – which I guess means that it made some nasty memories resurface.


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