The Dragons Have Fallen

The Dragon Award ballot landed in my Email inbox recently, I put off opening it until tonight and now I wish to god that I hadn’t. The 2020 Dragon Award ballot is an SJW shit-fest. Look at these fucking nominees for best science fiction: The Last Emperox by John Scalzi (Tor) Network Effect by Martha […]

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The Executions Are Under Way At DC

As well the rest of Warner Brothers. AT&T recently detailed a roughly $830 million hit to second-quarter earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization from the novel coronavirus pandemic and a roughly $2.8 billion revenue impact after in the first quarter having mentioned a $433 million earnings and a $600 million revenue hit. This is […]

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Yeah, It Sucks: Star Trek Lower Decks

Alex Kurtzman’s winning streak continues unabated. Now he’s failing at humor. Honestly, this shouldn’t be that hard. People have been doing funny Star Trek satire for better than 40 years. Secret Hideout could have hired some of Futurama’s old writers and then just got out of the way. But then Alex Kurtzman might have produced […]

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Disney Kills Family Movie Night

UPDATE: Disney has announced that calling the Mulan VOD a rental was “a mistake.” Now it’s a flat-out “purchase.” Which makes more sense because (a) those that rent, won’t rent more than once at that price and (b) a straight sale will likely move more units. Especially if Disney includes “exclusive bonus content.” Can I […]

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The Tale of the Herald

A Parable by Cataline Sergius  Edited by Vox Day The vast fires of the besiegers blanketed the once-beautiful plains surrounding Tor Keep as far as the eye could see, glowing a hellish red-orange against a sky so dark from the smoke that mid-day appeared to be twilight. The black legions of Evil chanted, “he rises! […]

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Hugo Awards 2020

This years Hugos went so far beneath my radar I didn’t know they had happened. I think we have finally reached the point where a Hugo Award is actually damaging to an author’s reputation. Certainly, no one who loves Science Fiction will want to buy a book with the words Hugo Award winner on the […]

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