Even More Bad New For Marvel

New Mutants was released theatrically and what the hell were they thinking?

It was never going to do well but $750 K? Holy crap! This is the first Marvel movie since the turn of the century to make less than a million dollars on opening night. This is a mega bomb when Disney was looking weak enough as it was.

Putting it on Disney Plus would have been understandable. Putting it on Amazon for rental would have been smart.

Putting it in the theaters right now is catastrophically stupid.

Sure this wasn’t one of Kevin’s projects but that doesn’t change the fact that Disney’s name is now attactched to mega-failure, when least it needed a failure.

Look for the stock price to take another hit.

Okay, I’m done here.

9 thoughts on “Even More Bad New For Marvel

  1. “Come on, guys, superhero fatigue cannot be a thing! And there’s that female dwarf from Game of Thrones, people will still love that show even if this comes out a couple years late, right?”

    Also, the sight of that crucifix made me remember a couple things I heard about the movie long ago, and a two minutes’ search on Wikipedia confirms I remembered correctly: Maisie Williams is playing a character that escapes her strict religious upbringing to enter into a loving lesbian relationship – and now I feel the need to scream.


    1. Superhero fatigue? Don’t know what you’re talking about. I’d never get tired of capes, long as they’re done right.

      Kinda odd how this “fatigue” always seems to set in the same time as the wokeness. I’m sure it’s just coincidence.


      1. “Superhero fatigue? Don’t know what you’re talking about. I’d never get tired of capes, long as they’re done right.”

        Ok, but you’re not representative of the entire international audience.
        And yes, obviously wokeness is a factor as well, but that goes without saying.


    2. But seriously, a horror themed x men movie with a bunch of inexperienced mutant kids in an asylum? I’d be down for that! But I never even saw an ad!

      I think somebody at Disney wanted to bury it, like they gutted Dark Phoenix so she wouldn’t upstage their precious Captain Marvel. X Men has some great stuff, but it’s not making it into the screen anymore.

      Well, say goodbye to Wolverines cigars. It won’t be the only symbolic castration I suspect. And sometimes not so symbolic..


    3. Ironically, this just might be the right time for renaissance of superhero films in shows to really catch on: superhero films of a certain type, that is: emphasizing the secret identity aspect that’s been largely forgotten in the mainstream big budget movies.

      In the age of social media, crime and cops unwilling or unable to do their job, people who take to the streets to bring order in their communities and who conceal their identities to avoid exposure and retribution just might strike a resonant cord…

      I doubt those types of movies and shows will be made, however.

      Except stuff like Watchmen, where brave vigilantes of color and other SJW persuasion attack and destroy evil white supremacists.


    4. P.S. and slightly off-topic, but I’ve said it before and say it again: The casting and portrayal of Lex Luther in Batman v Superman was inspired and genius: a tech mogul and bugman who controls a giant tech company and who manipulates information to ruin others’ reputations and make them fight for his amusement? Freakin’ inspired.

      I’d say he’s an evil Zuckerberg, but that’d be redundant.

      That and the French Revolution inspired court and Bane leading an Antifa riot CHOP zone in Nolan’s movies. Absolutely prophetic, make up for almost all the films’ shortcomings, and enjoy em while you can, cause their like will never be made again.


  2. What a damn shame…NM was my first comic I collected with my own money back in High School. I really loved their lineup and the Demon Bear story-line was fantastic. I would have gone to seen it in the theater, but San Francisco isn’t allowing that until Covid is cured on November 4th.

    I hope I can see it in a second run theatre. I’ve always wanted to see an onscreen Rahne, Bobby and Sam.


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