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I’d thought replacing Black Panther with his baby sister was a profoundly stupid idea but then there wasn’t anything on Marvel’s phase IV slate that wasn’t Woke and Dumb (but I repeat myself).

However, Disney knew something I didn’t.

“Black Panther” film star Chadwick Boseman, an actor whose work celebrated African-American pioneers and culture, has died at age 43 after a four-year battle with colon cancer, according to an announcement posted on Friday to his social media accounts.

Boseman, a native of South Carolina who began his screen career in episodes of television dramas such as “Third Watch,” “Law & Order” and “ER,” passed away at his home, with his wife and family at his side, the statement on Twitter and Facebook said. It did not specify when he died. He resided in Los Angeles.”

I’d thought he was looking a bit slim the last time I saw him on TV. At the time I just attributed that to having stopped working out because he was basically out as Black Panther.

So what does this mean for Marvel?

It’s a major problem is what it is.

T’Challa made sense as a replacement for Tony Stark. He had all the things Tony did. Money, financial resources, and a high technology base that could magic up just about anything the plots would require to make the movies happen. And the cosmetic change was pitch-perfect for 2020s Hollywood.

Princess Shuri is no T’Challa

With the best will in the world, Letitia Wright doesn’t have half the charisma that Boseman did, (which is why the project looked so stupid when he was alive). And the character is even less interesting. She was just another “Brains” in a universe that was already full of them.

The Marvel Heroes have a complete leadership vacuum at this point and I don’t see how they can build a good one in today’s Hollywood.

Regardless, my respects to Chadwick Boseman. He was diagnosed with colon cancer four years ago. That means he was shooting Infinity War/Endgame while undergoing surgery, chemo, and radiation therapy. He would have been barfing himself inside out and pissing blood between takes. But on screen you would never have guessed it because he did his job the best he could. The man was truly a Trouper.

Rest In Peace

3 thoughts on “That Explains That

  1. Amen. I watched a video of him talking about visiting a children’s cancer ward at a hospital to give them hope and the pictures of him there. I hope he was a moral outlier in Hollywood.


    1. Well, he was on-board with BP’s bulls**t propaganda, so already we have a problem there; I guess it’s possible he was more dumb than malicious.
      A brief check on Wikipedia shows that he was a Christian – if an actual one or a churchian, only the Lord knows; I hope as well for the former option.


  2. I’m sad he passed away, as our host says he wasn’t bad at his role, I liked him in Civil War, I thought his cast was very good. Also 43… poor chap.

    He was pissed off with the whole “Wakanda forever” thing in social media as he understood it had nothing to do with blacks in real life and was stupid outside the movies, so if he was woke I’d like to think only because he had to look the part due to current climate, like many other actors if they want to work.

    The MCU “is ded” unless miraculous recover, the devil mouse have to accept it had its run and leave it there. The wokeness ruined Endgame much more than normies imagine, (although not as much as some in Disney wanted to).


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