The TV Dump

First up Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. CBS is not giving up (*long tired sigh*) on Star Trek. They are launching yet another series. This one is a spin-off of Discovery, and in a rather bizarre ironic twist, this is going to be a show that I am 100 percent is only accidentally based on […]

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IT CAN’T BE TRUE! IT JUST CAN’T BE! “I have made the very difficult decision to not return to Batwoman next season,” Rose said in a statement “This was not a decision I made lightly as I have the utmost respect for the cast, crew and everyone involved with the show in both Vancouver and in Los […]

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Blogs and Ends

FIRST More trouble for Mickey the Great and Terrible. Kevin Mayer, the head of Disney streaming and the hero of the hour so far as the stockholders were concerned has jumped ship. Mayer was the guy that the shareholders wanted as CEO. Iger of course wanted Mini-Bob in that slot on the grounds that Chapek […]

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The Gamma Boss

There was a small company that I worked for right after I got out of the Marines and I mean right after, which may have been part of the problem.  I had a great relationship with the owner/boss and I was vital to the company. I pretty much turned it around and I’m not bragging.  […]

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Please, No!

During this WuFlu lockdown my kids got a chance to watch a nineties favorite of mine. Gargoyles on Disney Plus (again, I’m not paying for it, so why not?). I suspect Gargoyles was something of a reply to Paul Dini’s truly excellent Batman animated series. Disney was trying to prove that it could play in […]

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Gretchen Watch!

Just a quick update from the Land of the Double Mitten. “A Federal Judge in Michigan has ruled Gentleman’s Clubs are eligible for Wuhan Virus federal assistance, claiming businesses cannot be discriminated against. And let’s be honest, the clubs give guys more joy than a Walmart or Amazon. Strip club workers and owners, losing their […]

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Cataline Does NOT Recommend:

Cataline does NOT recommend the GunVault Speedvault biometric safe. A fingerprint activated, easy to mount in out of the way but easily accessible locations!   What’s not to love Cataline? Simple, it’s not that fast. If it works perfectly it will open in about two seconds.  That sounds pretty good if you have a house with […]

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Cataline Recommends Buying a Suit

“It’s not who you are that counts, it’s who people think you are.” Joesph Kennedy was an evil old bastard who raised his children in an environment of brutal pride and hollow moral values but that doesn’t mean he was wrong. This post is for my younger readers.  The ones who are still in college or […]

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RE:View Predator Part II

Okay, picking up where we left off. The raid on the rebel base was a typical Eighties action scene. Lots of loud boom-boom and shots of guys legs as they got blown-up. The tactics weren’t exactly sound. All of the weapons were on full automatic all the time and of course, they never ran out […]

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