RE:View Predator Part I

Iraq 2003 Nameless Marine to Cataline: Hey, you’re bleeding, sir! Cataline: Yeah, I know. Two seconds later. Cataline: Wait! Say that again! Nameless Marine: Say what, sir? Cataline (disgusted): NEVERMIND! My only goal for that entire fucking war was now blown. On April 30th, 1975 Saigon fell to North Vietnam. The pictures of Americans being […]

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The Saga of Karl the Barber

Meet Michigan’s Yertle the Turtle. Karl Manke, a seventy-seven year old barber in Shiawassee, MI decided it was time to open his shop back up. He’s following the same precautions that the guys that work gas stations do (honestly you may as well shake a rattle and make offerings to Great Ma-Goo-Boo for all the […]

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Sweet, Sweet Tears

Remember her? In case you don’t: “Kickstarter actually reached out to the SJWs at DC Comics to help them gatekeep wrong think and boy did DC deliver in the form of Camilla Zhang.  One look at her and you know exactly why she was hired. And by the way, if her Twitter is anything to go […]

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The End of Family Film Night

When I was a kid back in the dim mists of time.  Family Movie night was a pretty special occasion.   Because we were too poor to go the movies.  But once in a while my Dad had a good year, so it happened now and then.  It was invariably something by Disney. I remember laughing at the […]

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Blogs and Ends: Cooking Edition

FIRST Do NOT make your own hot dogs. How to make your own hot dogs. Here’s Cataline’s recipe for Hot Dogs but don’t make them: 21⁄2 pounds/1.25 kilograms beef short rib meat, diced and well chilled  1 tablespoon/15 grams kosher salt  1 teaspoon/7 grams pink salt (curing salt, not the Himalayan stuff) 1 cup/250 milliliters […]

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RE:View Aliens Part II

Typical Marine Corps first date. This post is really more of a collection of extraneous minutia that I cut from the first post. One of the Aliens strengths is the design aesthetic. James Cameron started out in the special effects side of things building spaceship models for Battle Beyond the Stars and getting ripped off […]

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RE:View Aliens Part I

Aliens is my favorite Eighties blast-flick, even nudging out Predator.  For whatever reason, this is the one that speaks to me. What James Cameron got right was basically everything. It was massively influential in 1980s science fiction pop-culture. Aliens created an entire aesthetic template for the Space Marine that everyone who followed Cameron had to either […]

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Q2 Did Not Go Well

The earnings call was less then pleasant for all involved. Disney’s income is officially down 90%. The entire stockholder meeting was spent not answering the stockholders’ questions. When will Disneyland reopen? “That has yet to be determined.” When will Disney World reopen? “That has yet to be determined.” When will the cruise ships put to […]

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