Cataline Does NOT Recommend:

Cataline does NOT recommend the GunVault Speedvault biometric safe.

A fingerprint activated, easy to mount in out of the way but easily accessible locations!   What’s not to love Cataline?

Simple, it’s not that fast.

If it works perfectly it will open in about two seconds.  That sounds pretty good if you have a house with small children and you are forgetful in the morning and therefore sleeping with your gun on the nightstand is just plain out.

I get the attraction.  Trust me.

The problem is, its not that reliably fast.  It will often take two or three swipes for me to open it, which defeats the entire purpose of having a fast access gun box.  Four to six seconds is a lot of time when someone is trying to kick down your bedroom door.

If you have a house with rug monkeys of your own or if you are plagued with your wife’s sister’s idiot boy who you don’t trust to successfully wipe his own butt much less get anywhere near my guns, there is an identifiable need for a gun box.

When you are first testing out a gun box…without first putting a gun in it…give it to a three year old to play with.  If the toddler can get it open, return it.

If you want a childproof gun box. The answer so far would appear to be anything with a SIMPLEX lock.  It’s UL approved, which isn’t quite a guarantee but it’s better than not UL  approved.  I’ve switched to the Fort Knox brand.

And as for access time.  It’s actually faster and it’s just as easy to use in the dark once your fingers have the muscle memory down. This one has worked out so well for me that I’m going to install another one in the trunk of the car.

Okay, I’m done here.

3 thoughts on “Cataline Does NOT Recommend:

    1. That is because Fort Knox builds real safes. And you don’t build a vulnerbility like keyed entry into a real safe.

      The combination IS putting all of your eggs in one basket. When you do that; Watch. The. Basket.


  1. The comment was intended to be an more of an observation. I have both an Amsec Lockbox with the Simplex lock and a original GunVault that are more than 25 years old. Both still work but the foam inside each needed replacing. Anytime you have a battery lock, it will need a keyed backup. Thank you real world review of the biometric option. One more overly complicated device I can avoid.

    Another advantage of the Simplex mechanism – after 25 years I am not sure if it is my hand or the GunVault plastic, but it take quite a bit of pressure to push the buttons. The Simplex is just as easy to open as when new.


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