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More trouble for Mickey the Great and Terrible. Kevin Mayer, the head of Disney streaming and the hero of the hour so far as the stockholders were concerned has jumped ship.

Mayer was the guy that the shareholders wanted as CEO. Iger of course wanted Mini-Bob in that slot on the grounds that Chapek will do whatever Iger tells him to do.

Since Mayer didn’t get the job as Disney CEO he accepted the appointment as TikTok’s CEO. This is not going to go over well at the Q3 call, which was already shaping up to be bad in a legendary way. Since it looks like the Parks division. Which is to say Chapek’s former division is likely to get sued for securities fraud.


There are now calls to Cancel Indiegogo. Reasons for this.

One; it’s where the Comic’s Gate guys go for funding and they get it.

Two; Kickstarter is circling the drain as being one of the few businesses that actually went broke for going Woke.

The fact that Indiegogo is now being championed as a hero of free speech, while being vilified as the funder of Alt Right Nazis is nothing short of hilarious if you know the inside story of how it got there.


Mister Plinkett returns to gut Picard.

There is one part in here that I completely agree with. Never let actors have any say on the creative side of things. They are just too narcissistic to be genuinely creative. The Picard that people saw on the aforementioned series doesn’t resemble the intellectual Sigma male that commanded the Enterprise in STNG.

Basically they got Patrick Stewart onboard by letting him be a socialist drama-queen spouting off randomly about whatever was crossing his senile mind this week.


Drinker Does Avatar

I completely agree with everything he has to say on this subject which neatly sabotages my plans to do a Cataline RE:Views on it.

Okay, I’m done here.

7 thoughts on “Blogs and Ends

  1. Picard broke the Star Trek fanbase like The Last Jedi. Everyone was hoping that STD was a fluke. Bringing back Picard and actually having a show that wasn’t a prequel had a lot of fans stoked. It crashed and burned taking the fans with it. And yes, never let an actor get creative control.

    I have never been able to get through all of Avatar. It is all cliche. You know Disney is going to take a bath on the follow-up films.

    The wrinkled gnome of Ohio has removed the stay-at-home orders. DeWine is at least smart enough to bow to the pressure.


  2. Another interesting thing: Ruby Rose, main actress of Batwoman, has left the show, and the role will be recast for Season 2 – which I’m pretty sure is only supposed to happen if the main actor is either dead or dying. Officially it was her decision to leave, but I find “fired because she’s a borderline insane c**t” to be a decent theory.

    (Sorry if this is off-topic, not sure if we can talk about recent stuff in general or just what you’ve written about in the B&E posts.)


    1. Ruby Rose left? I didn’t know that but I’m not surprised. I do know they just cast an actor to be Bruce Wayne for the series.

      Maybe they will rename it Batman.

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      1. She wants an acting career. Working on a show that, even for the CW, is a burning trash fire isn’t going to help. I don’t know how the show even got renewed.


  3. I always though Avatar was done much better with the original film starring Kevin Costner going native with the Lakota. At least the chick Costner was boning in the first film was, you know, human.


  4. In Avatar, when Stephen Lang scrambled back from an explosion on his airship which set him on fire, and as the airship plunged to the ground he proceeded to calmly jump into a battlesuit, activate it, put out the fire, power up the suit, and then rush across the deck and leap out and land in the battlesuit on the ground safely as the airship crashes in a fiery explosion behind him…

    I wondered why Stephen Lang wasn’t the action hero and protagonist of the movie.


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