The Gamma Boss

There was a small company that I worked for right after I got out of the Marines and I mean right after, which may have been part of the problem. 

I had a great relationship with the owner/boss and I was vital to the company. I pretty much turned it around and I’m not bragging.  In truth, all that had really involved was getting the inventory under control.

The problem is that the guy who had f#$ked up the inventory in the first place was the Owner/Boss’ son, Young Gamma Wonder.  Young Gamma Wonder did not appreciate the fact that I had saved his Dad’s company when he had put it in danger in the first place.   We quickly developed a very bad relationship. Although that would have happened anyway since Alpha resentment was a part of nature.

I came in to work one Monday to discover that Young Gamma Wonder had been officially made my boss and his first royal command was that I was no longer to speak directly with his Daddy.  All communication was to go through him even though this was a ridiculously small company for that.  By Friday I broke that order and handed in my two-week notice to the boss himself.  Who quietly accepted it with cold anger.

A few months later I get a call from the Boss, all friendly again wanting me to come back. I said. “you would have to fire your son before I would even think about that.”  Things got pretty hot between us after that.

His business failed a year later.

The moral of the story is, it doesn’t matter how vital you are.  If you get into it with the boss’s kid and it comes down to him or you.  It is always going to be you. I was silly enough to believe that merit would outweigh a blood relationship, (again the whole I just got out the Marines thing). But of course, it didn’t. So far as the Owner was concerned, the only reason he had built that company was to hand it down to his son. The fact that Young Gamma Wonder was always going to wreck it was something he couldn’t face. The sad part was his son couldn’t even wait until his old man was gone before he destroyed it.

Okay, I’m done here.

One thought on “The Gamma Boss

  1. We keep seeing this, don’t we? Chik-fil-A has the same problem. Maybe fathers ought to put raising God God-fearing sons ahead of building that business? There is no higher calling for a man.

    Maybe that’s why guys made the deal with the suffragettes. Let us off the hook of being Dads and we’ll let you skive off mom-hood. Treasure in this world is what matters


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