I Thought This Was a Joke

I really thought it was something 4chan came up with. But it’s real. Marvel Comics utterly beclowns itself again. These are the new New Warriors. I can’t believe this is Marvel’s swan song. Quick trip in the wayback machine. In the Nineties there was comic book title called Gen 13. It was pretty popular with […]

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What’s Next For Disney

How fast things can change. In 2019 Disney Entertainment was a colossus that bestrode the world. The world’s very best amusement parks. Movies that made billions. Two massively successful streaming services. The premier sports reporting network. The planet’s two biggest movie franchises were both wholly (for the most part) owned by Disney. * Two and […]

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Where We At

It doesn’t take a lot of stupid people to wreck something. I learned that one when I was a Marine. I relearned it when I was trying to stock up ammo during the Obama years. The chronic shortages were the result of a small amount of people breaking the supply system with individual bulk purchases […]

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I Should Have Taken Pictures

But it’s West Michigan and you don’t do that to strangers. I dropped by the local ultra-mart at 6:00am this morning, foolishly hoping to pickup a 2-liter of Diet Pepsi. The parking lot was full, so I nearly left right there and then but morbid curiosity compelled me to look inside the store. This is […]

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The Fall of Disney

Disney just had a brutal shareholder meeting. Iger and Chapek looked like they were shell shocked. Now admittedly, this is going to be a brutal quarter particularly for an entertainment company. But Disney is going to take it in the teeth. Disney Cruise lines are probably going to be ordered into ports. The parks are […]

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