I Should Have Taken Pictures

But it’s West Michigan and you don’t do that to strangers.

I dropped by the local ultra-mart at 6:00am this morning, foolishly hoping to pickup a 2-liter of Diet Pepsi.

The parking lot was full, so I nearly left right there and then but morbid curiosity compelled me to look inside the store.

This is a generation of gerbils trying to prepare for life outside the habitrail. Everyone had full carts and they were full of dumb shit.

Some were slightly understandable, like the woman with a cart full of disposable diapers. Although cloth diapers and pins would have been a better choice if you are really worried about an economic collapse.

Others made me laugh. Like the Cartman-fat four hundred pound hippo whose cart was filled with nothing but 2-liters of Mountain Dew. That porker had swept the shelves for it.

And of course toilet paper. Every cart had been filled to the brim with mega-packs of “bog rolls.”

Cleaning out the bags of Russet potatoes was more understandable but they had left the Reds behind and Reds grow a lot faster than Russets. You’d have to start with a basement barrel and super market Reds aren’t the best choice for growing but if all went you’d have your own stash in a little over two months.

Also the bread aisle had been cleaned out however there was still plenty of big bags of FLOUR on the shelves. And yes the huge five dozen packs of eggs were there too although the regular dozen sizes were all gone.

When I wrote the Great Divide Game I had one supermarket scene it that now looks totally botched in retrospect.

The stupid people weren’t being anywhere near stupid enough.

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