Your Popculture Daily Death Cart

GameStop is no more. It’s all over but for the crying. I had strongly suspected that GameStop had become a very borderline operation in recent years. The fact that they declared themselves an “Essential Service” and kept their doors open during statewide lockdowns, pretty much proved that. In response, one state simply pulled its business […]

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And Comics Are Now Over

I recently said that Diamond was lurching into motion in response to Covid-19. But I wasn’t expecting this. Diamond Comic Distributors has announced they are refusing to accept any new products from ANYONE. Marvel, DC doesn’t matter they aren’t accepting anything. And they don’t keep a lot in their warehouses. They will probably be empty […]

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What's Collapsing Next?

Welcome to your daily dose of COVID doom. And the answer to my own question is; movie theaters. Hollywood may be an SJW wasteland but when it comes to business matters they are as conservative as you can get. No real surprise there, since movies are by their nature a pretty high risk business and […]

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Gin and Tonic Anyone?

You say, you’re worried about this here new Chinese Flu that is sweeping the land my friend? You say, you are not satisfied with just washing your hands twelve times a day and are looking for something as powerful as snake oil but less oily? Never fear, my friends! Old Honest “Doc” Cataline has the […]

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RE:Play – Space Quest III

Ah, good old Roger Wilco. A legendary hero from the days when there was a Babbage’s in every mall.* The galaxy’s most intrepid janitor. An every man whose ambitions were constantly thwarted. A blue collar hero that saved the day every time and never got a thimble’ full of credit for it. The Space Quest […]

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Diamond Princess Data Set

The news is garbage for panicky babies but you already knew that. Here is some genuinely useful data. The Diamond Princess effectively offers us Petri dish conditions with which we can examine Corona. “But the Diamond Princess cruise ship offers an interesting insight. It had nearly 4,000 people on board—many of them in risk groups. […]

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