Where We At

It doesn’t take a lot of stupid people to wreck something.

I learned that one when I was a Marine. I relearned it when I was trying to stock up ammo during the Obama years. The chronic shortages were the result of a small amount of people breaking the supply system with individual bulk purchases that the system was never meant to support.

That was more of an inconvenience. We all knew the various forms of Cletus and Jethro that were doing it. It was an eye roller but they were basically our people so we put it up with it.

In this case we’ve got a feed back loop of idiocy going on. One shortage directly leading to another as lemmings keep following each other over the edge of the cliff. First group panics and buys all the shit-paper. Second group that was slow on draw panics when they don’t get enough shit-paper, so when it does get restocked, the shelves get swept again.

But there is also good news. I’m seeing a lot of people pulling together in little ways. Tips that were just a bit heavy. Buying carryout when it was just as easy to cook your own meal. People not being told to keep a respectful distance.

The press is hoping to turn this into Trump’s Katrina but that only worked on Bush because; Bush. That ain’t Trump he won’t take it lying down and Biden ain’t getting any less senile.

We’re going to get through this just fine.

4 thoughts on “Where We At

  1. Yeah, even my dad, who only gets mainstream news sources (no Internet), has noticed that Trump shows up.

    I remember when Bill Clinton came to Iowa during the 1993 floods. Both parties were happy to see him, because president. Americans will rally around the president in hard times if they can. It’s one of the ways to feel like we’re in it together.

    I’m hearing the same things about people pulling together. Granted, I’m in a small town where that’s closer to the norm. But we’ll be fine here.


  2. Cataline,

    I just want to say that what you are seeing is true. Here in St. George Utah, I am not seeing people panicing so much as resigned to doing more planning. Disappointed that maybe that trip they wanted to take won’t be happening but simply adjusting to alternatives.

    The only real worry seems to be that the stores are unable to remain stocked. Everything is out, but people are not panicking about it. Everybody is resigned to tightening there belts, in big and little ways, and everyone seems to be relearning that classic can do attitude that was once the hallmark of America.



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