Living Vicariously 1: Buses from Worst to Best

Welcome to the Dark Herald’s new Living Vicariously series.

Remember the good old days when we could go outside? Yeah, that was so long ago it feels like last week was another world.

Nostalgia is by it’s nature bitter-sweet.

When I was a very young man my only real means of traveling was by bus. Taking my car was a terrible idea since the odds of me ending up in the middle of nowhere, screaming in impotent, psychotic rage at my Dodge Charger, were dead even. I know, I’m supposed to have nothing but great memories about that car but it was definitely a “Monday Car.” As in it was clearly built by the UAW on a Monday.

Consequently when I needed to really get around it was by Greyhound. The only thing to be said for a bus was that it got me there.. The rides were long, boring and uncomfortable.

In this brave new century things are a lot better and a lot worse.

We shall start with the worst.


Something quite a step up from anything I was ever carted around in the 1980s.

Last something else I wish I’d tried when I was in Japan and would have killed for back when I had to take the bus.

An overnight bus hotel from Osaka to Tokyou.

Okay, I’m done here.

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