The Death of Doctor Who: The Last Good Scene

The last acceptable (which is not to say good) season of Doctor Who was season 8. It had some major problems. But I could wade through it.

Also I did like Missy. Moffat’s last decent creation for Doctor Who.

In fact Missy provides what is arguably the last decent scene in Doctor Who.

On the face of it this shouldn’t have been a big deal.

Now, it was effective in the function it was meant to perform. Which was to remind the audience, on an emotional level, that the Master is evil. Osgood was not only the granddaughter of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (a beloved character that started life in the 1960 with the second Doctor) but she was also quite the geeky fangirl of the Doctor.

Osgood’s death appears to have been something of a watershed event for the show. Because the #JusticeForBarb crowd came out big time for Osgood. They were absolutely incensed by her death. And for the same reason they were mad about no one caring when Barb died in Stranger Things. They saw themselves in Osgood and they really couldn’t stand it when she died. They regarded it as a slap in the face.

And the BBC caved big time. Not only was Osgood revived in an utterly ludicrous fashion but the show even provided that audience with a third Osgood. Just to make sure they were really happy.

So why was this a watershed moment? Because they the same women who were shrieking about Osgood were the same ones who had been demanding a female Doctor Who for years. The resurrection of Osgood let them know in no uncertain terms that the SJWs were now in the saddle on Doctor Who.

Woke art, is bad art. There had been genuine emotional impact when Osgood died. You couldn’t help but feel sad for her, but reversing it absolutely drained that scene of any emotional impact. And any scene following it that was meant to carry dramatic weight carried none. Because you knew it was going to be reversed sooner or later.

I didn’t like the Clara Oswald character all that much but her death scene had been potentially effecting, right up until my wife said, “I wonder how long until she’s back?”

Two episodes as it turned out.

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