Anime is Great…It’s the Fans That Suck

How right I was, when I wrote that headline.

Terrible news yesterday. There was a brutal one man attack on Kyoto Anime Studios. It left more than thirty people dead. A man in his forties doused the entrance of the studio with an accelerant and set fire to it.

The studio, was three stories tall and had no fire escapes. What did have was an open spiral staircase that funneled smoke up to the third floor. That is where most of the people died.

Don’t US fire codes for granted.

3 thoughts on “Anime is Great…It’s the Fans That Suck

  1. They still hang people in Japan, for multiple murders… this guy seems like a perfect candidate.

    Those poor people…my God, who the hell designs a building with three floors and no fire escapes?


  2. The reason the building was designed this way (no roof access, fire escapes and unbreakable windows) was to prevent suicides. Japan has such a problem with suicide that it prioritizes the prevention of them over fire safety. if you look at any footage of Tokyo, you’ll see that they also have no zoning rules – apartments, shops and warehouses are placed together with no rhyme or reason.


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