Yeah, it’s Gonna Suck: Picard

The trailer for Picard has dropped and it looks like it’s going to more hot garbage from Alex Kurtzman.

The trailer features Picard and some girl who is the Key to Everything. The only cast members from the old days that I recognize are Janeway, Seven of Nine and what looks like a fully CGI Data. Aside from that there a bunch of new faces and none of them interest me in the slightest.

Basically it looks like Picard is now part of Star Trek Discovery.

Yeah, it’s gonna suck.

5 thoughts on “Yeah, it’s Gonna Suck: Picard

  1. Patrick Stewart looks really frail and has the old man voice. It was painful to watch. He’ll be lucky to get through the first season.

    As someone else said, Picard looks like he is a secondary character in his own series.

    I thought I caught Marina Sirtis in the trailer.

    I figure more fans will give it a try than Discovery. They will also get to suffer the same pain as Star Wars fans as their favorite characters are ruined.


    1. He looks barely functional in the trailer. Guys that age make guest appearances in series and movies. They aren’t the main character.


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